Monday, September 17, 2007


I’ve been many things in my life,
but I’ve only recently turned into the “wing-woman.”

I’ve found myself transformed into “the girl who you can still talk about other women’s 'figures,' ” around.

Breast talk, and sex talk are “OKAY” in the company of Chrissie.

Except, maybe not.

Sure, I can mostly blame two men in particular for this phenomenon, but they have their own issues.

After all, one spent years courting me and never succeeded.
And the other spent minutes courting me and succeeded… if only for a minute.

Either way, I sometimes find myself in their company wishing I had another woman around.

My own WING-WOMAN to stare down all the tall, dark, and handsome with.

Because while their discussing THAT girl's chest
I just sit wondering what’s wrong with mine…
and contemplate why it’s all they have to talk about.


Anonymous said...

T&A is all men have to talk about in the company of other men, because they'll be considered gay if they talk about something thats actually intelligent and worth while. The only thing guys care about is making other guys laugh, even when its at the expense of their own dignity. It's a sad thing to see when the guy you know as intelligent and witty starts humping the air and making fart noises to get a rise out of his friends.

Chrissie said...

But anon, you say "in the company of other men..."

I'm talking about when a WOMAN is present, albeit a "wing woman."

What then???

Richard Cabeza said...

wow, another interesting topic. keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

so, is the previous commentator calling himself "richard cabeza"?

hmm... appropriate.

Richard cabeza said...

I'm glad someone got it...

Thanks anon