Friday, September 14, 2007

Yin and Yang?

The Odd Couple is ditching the yellow and searching for a new "look" that YOU think suits us best.

As readers, how do YOU see us?

Is Sarah really the tea drinking, knitting, quiet one?
Is Chrissie really the cigar smoking, man hater dressed in black?

Let us know (with a comment below!) what you want our new Odd Couple logo to look like and odds are... we'll actually take your advice.


Mario said...

You know, the look of the site isn't bad. What I notice is that when you have a post that is just text -- no photos or graphics -- it seems a little plain.

Maybe you could try a different shade of yellow and getting some kind of accent color with each post: putting the title of each post in a different colored block, or a different colored text with a matching line under the title, for instance.

As to the photo of the two of you, what's wrong with it? If you've already established some kid of identity online, don't be so quick to change it.

Chrissie said...

unless of course that online identity is a misrepresentation of who we are...

i don't even like yellow.

Mario said...

Yeah, but when I took a look at the photo of you two I did not think: "Man, the blonde one seems a bit uptight, but the other is a Kathleen Turner/Lauren Bacall clone." I just figured it was a bit of hyperbole to play up the whole "Odd Couple" thing.

Do you want a picture of the two of you that's a little more ordinary? What fun is there in that?

And by the way, you came in to Barnes & Noble the other night. I thought perhaps I recognized you, but I wasn't sure. But I asked my friend, Kerri, who turns out to be your friend as well.

Small world :-)

Chrissie said...

If we're looking for a photo that's more "true" to who we are... I have to be at least a LITTLE insulted that you assume our new picture would be "ordinary."


Sarah said...

We want the blog to look fresh and less like something you'd put in Ice Tea :-0 So thanks for your comments. But some changes are imminent.

Mario, does this mean you'll be checking out our barnes & noble purchases and outing us on our BLOG. If so, i swear that wetting the bed book was for my errr... nephew.

Mario said...

We take a solemn oath not to reveal such things. Of course as gossip among ourselves at B&N, the titles people are looking for are fair game.

And we've got titles that go way beyond bed wetting. I'd suggest you pay cash for those ;-)

(Actually, other than the marketing department, which I assume does keep track of purchases made by members, no one cares.)

On the subject of your site's look and feel, I put the words "blogger templates" into Google and came up with a bunch of links. You could probably use one outright, or tweak it a bit.

I'm looking forward to the redesign :-)