Friday, October 12, 2007

In full swing

It’s funny how we can tell the exact length of our relationships… what caused the demise… how long it took us to get from break up to make up to break up again.

But friendships aren’t so easy to gauge.

What starts as an unreturned phone call can take months, years to finally end.

We hide behind promises of “next weekend”
And “when we aren’t so busy.”

We forget what came so easily
and a life we once appreciated becomes a chore.

I met Jenn when we were 5.

It was easy.
It began with a simple request...
“I’ll be your best friend if you push me on the swing.”

So she pushed me.
And in turn, I pushed her.

Give and take
take and then give again…

We soared the heights of the playground together

And eventually found ourselves adults.

Sharing as much heartache as one can imagine.

Always giving
And taking
Then giving a g a i n.

Recently… after a particularly quiet weekend, I thought of Jenn.
Had she forgotten me?

And then the phone rang.
She called.
She missed me.

She gave me something
the simple idea that I was missed.
And I took it.

But as always... while promising to give it back.


vanessa said...

I hate the entries where there aren't questions to be answered or opinions to be had. No one has anything to say about healthy relationships where give & take actually works... or at least anything juicy or entertaining.

Good friends are very hard to find, and when you do find them you better make sure you work like hell to not take them for granted.

Chrissie said...

are you saying you hate my entry or you hate that no one has anything to say about it?!!?

people hate the happy stuff!

so in light of this...

i'll explain that part of our "ups and downs" on the swing set... not only did my friend and i give and take the nice things...

she also took my ex-boyfriend.
or... i gave him to her;P

how's that for sharing?

vanessa said...

I like that you're actually writing about a good thing, but that's just because I know you. If you actually want comments though you arent going to get them from this post. (Except for mine)

To me its strange that you are still friends after that, but then again we are adults. But, you also knew you didnt want to be with him anymore before that happened. So maybe she did you a favor by taking him off your hands.

Anonymous said...

hmm... how about...

it is in the nature of "relationships" to be transient and, thus, always open to misinterpretation and always susceptible to a swift and callous end.

but one would hope that friendships, true friendships, life-long friendships, the friendships that matter, are formed with bonds more durable, and therefore are not burdened with such matters of ambiguity or carelessness.

these things... one would hope for.

there, vanessa, you see... opinions can be had...

just not of the juicy and argumentative kind;)

Chrissie said...

ALSO: I've been on my own this week since Sarah's not feeling well... and it's not fair that everyone is complaining about how boring my posts have been and not helping me with IDEAS.



(I've also determined that life without conflict is boring, and makes for a disinteresting blog. Because of this, I will be creating some conflict this weekend and will be able to once again entertain everyone with my plight).

vanessa said...

Yes, one would hope, anon... and may I say I have enjoyed your opinions along the way as you are very well spoken, eh, written in this case.

I like kittens and butterflies and all things good, just not while I'm trying to be entertained while I'm at work pretending to work.

Well Chrissie, at least you have anon and I to make it look like people actually read happy blogs :)

JasonP said...

For what it's worth, *I* liked this entry. (It's my first time seeing/reading this blog, btw.) There's enough negativity going around in this world. God knows, that's the only thing the News is full of. I like coming across stories about the good things in life. Thanks, Chrissie.

Oh, and I thought it very well-written, too.

Zirbel25 said...

Your blog was a nice reminder to not forget old friends.
It is hard~ You get older... and between work and life in general its easy to forget to make time for those people who are truly your friends.
I think I am going to make a long overdue phone call now!

name said...

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

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