Friday, October 26, 2007

From EX-cuses to "Excuse me I didn't mean THAT"

There’s always that guy you made EX-cuses for.).

1. “But it’s different THIS TIME.
2. “People make mistakes… some more than others.”
3. “But kissing isn’t cheating… is it?”

Yet there usually comes a time when our mouths are finally too dry to keep on telling the people who care about US that he’s “not that bad.”

And this time is usually evidence of finding someone we don’t need to make excuses FOR...

But rather a time to start making excuses for OURSELVES.

Such as:

1. “I can’t go out tonight, I’ve got other plans.”
2. “I know, I know, I always said “don’t rush it,” but this feels different.
3. “Girls night? I forgot, I WANTED you to meet him.

And in the end it’s not a bad thing to go from EX-cuses to...

“Excuse me, men aren’t so bad after all.”

Because instead of thinking about an unworthy past…
You can focus instead on an admirable present.

One that doesn’t need to be adorned with a distracting bow...
but one that is a gift in itself.


Sarah said...

If no one will say it, I will.

Great post Chrissie.

It's so true. When you find someone special after years of dating duds it makes you dizzy in love.

Trust me, after 2.5 years, that wow factor doesn't dull. C. continues to whirl me with pleasant surprises and I can't stop thinking of him as the greatest gift of all. Just as you said.

Who's jaded now? :-)

Chrissie said...


I was waiting for at least ONE comment, and I'm not surprised it came from you, with your more "positive" outlook on love<3

And as for being jaded, I've got years of stories to keep me going;)