Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hot as hell

Man in the hoodie: "You're hot as hell!"
Me: "WHAT?!"
Man in the hoodie: "Hot as hell, right? Your costume?"
Me: "OHHHhhhhh. No, but good guess, or thanks, or something..."

Mr. No Costume: "Fried egg?"
Me: "Einstein? Albert?"
Him: "No, I left my costume in the car. I couldn't drink with the mask on."
Me: "Why are you still talking to me?"

Ok, maybe I wasn't that rude. But I was a little shocked. I didn't think men would actually try to pick up an oversized, furry egg. Was it the sexy cardboard? wool fabric? the oval shape?

Didn't they see the Don't Cha Wanna FANTA girl and the camel she rode in on?

My guess is that a creative costume, with the sex appeal of toothpaste, says confidence.

Well, anyway....

I'm icing my cheeks today.

Mostly because Chrissie (and Bri) know how to make each other laugh.

And there was lots of dancing!

But also, because it's true, eggs do have more fun than Ho-llo-weenies.



Chrissie said...

MAN: "What... did you just find a sword outside or something?"

Me: "I'm a f*ing PIRATE."

I was that rude.

chrissynb said...

Nice and some scary pics.

Zirbel25 said...

Devilled egg.... very cute!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. It all sounds like good times ladies.

Sarah, maybe they tried to pick you up because you were wearing the horns. They figured there was a bad girl underneath the furry egg.