Monday, October 22, 2007

My Tiny Apartment

Yes, I live alone.

In a tiny apartment.

You can’t fit more than 3 people in the living area “comfortably,” and I say “living area” rather than living “room,” because technically…

My living room IS my kitchen
and my kitchen IS my living room.

So when it’s dirty it’s my fault
and when I decide NOT to refill the Brita water purifier and put it back in the refrigerator empty… I have no one to blame but MYSELF.

And that’s perfect.

Perfect because it gives me the time to breathe.
Time to explore the one person who will always be there, for me.


A person you would never know because you may be too busy exploring HIM.

And while I hope it’s not forever...
And that one day I might like a kitchen that ISN’T also my living room…

I still can’t think of anything better to offer
someone else…

than a whole, independent, ME

when they finally come knocking, on the door, of my tiny apartment.


tnmiller said...

This has nothing to do with your post but it just made my day that "Peter Pan" is atop your best-of.

What a great feature!

Chrissie said...


I figured I'd give ol' Pete the top spot there... since he's been my muse for much of this blog;)

Anonymous said...

i believe a tiny apartment is a requirement for perfecting "cute".

vanessa said...


I think you meant to you "breathe" instead of "breath". no?

Oh and anon, speaking of cute, this blog entry is rather cute.. just like the writer.

There's definitely a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with saying something is "just mine".

Like my unjustifiable amount of pride in the fact that I own my 10 year old car, and not the bank.

vanessa said...

It's funny that I have nothing disagreeable to say to you today Chrissie. I completely agree with you today, and that just feels wrong to me.

haha. :)

Chrissie said...

vanessa, although you're not disagreeable today, you did point out a flaw in my post (the typo) so you haven't changed much;)

and i think doing the hokie pokie is the important part of proving you're cute!

vanessa said...

Well there was a typo in that post too, that you didnt pick up on..

Geez, what are you, slippin'?

the hokey pokey is definitely a sign of cuteness... or maybe just drunkness?.. or both.

Anonymous said...

Well I would have to say that the tiny apartment shows that you can take care of yourself and know how to express your self in such a tiny space.

Also less interuptions if one lives alone no questions from roomates or any thing of that nature.