Monday, October 29, 2007

You must be THIS tall to ride this ride

And slightly taller to date this girl.

“On average, women indicate that they’d like to meet a man at least 4 inches taller than themselves (a good sized stiletto heel).”

We all have standards.
Sometimes we’re seeking an educated significant other, sometimes we focus on their interests and personality.

And we usually lie about our “physical requirements.”

But lets face it, we all have a “type.”

This doesn’t make us, shallow, or rude, or bound to be alone forever.

It makes us human.

Humans who need to be physically attracted to their partners.

My requirement?

You must be taller than me.

(I’m only 5’2… so it’s not that hard).

But not only do I want to make sure I’m not the Katie Holmes to your Tom Cruise, I also want to make sure that when I hug you, I can tuck my head softly against your chest.

Because that’s just what fits.
For me.

Comment and tell me what fits for you:)


Sarah said...

I have a too tall, too bad policy.

I went on a date with one guy who was 6'6". I felt like I had to climb up his legs and torso to look him in the eyes.

If I wanted to be with a giraffe I'd hang out in the zoo ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a man

I'm 5'10"

I'm really attracted to smaller cuter women (aka shorties)

I only attract beautiful women that that are about my height.

Whats up w/ that?

Sarah said...

Hmmm... I'm not seeing a big problem here. I mean, either way, you win, right? Short and cute OR too tall and beautiful. Most guys would settle for OK LOOKING and INTO ME.

but I guess if it's really an issue, why not approach girls who are your type, shorties as you say.Then tell them they are beautiful.

Chrissie said...

what i want to know anon, is where you're finding these "beautiful" women who are 5'10!??

that's about 6 inches above the average height (i think).

i know a girl who likes "smaller men," it just depends on preference.

i guess some of these model-types like the 5'10 guy... but if you like the shorties, go for it.

(and ask those tall chicks where their tall brothers are for me;)

vanessa said...

Hey Chrissie- I happen to be 5'11", am I not beautiful? >:(

That last comment sounds as if tall women aren't good looking.

My problem is men that are shorter than me. And a lot of them are.

My bf is probably half an inch shorter than me, and I've learned to live with it, but you will NEVER find a heel in my shoe closet.

Chrissie said...

uhhh, definitely not saying tall women aren't beautiful.

simply saying "tall beautiful women" aren't the "average."

which is, in actuality a compliment to women who ARE tall and beautiful.

5'10 and beautiful sounds like the makings of a model as far as i'm concerned.

and i'm not really the sort to say "tall women aren't beautiful."

you can blame the ill-placed quotation marks a lack of coffee this morning, not a lack of couth.

and i'm sure there is a typo or two somewhere in this post/comment that you can point out as well;)

vanessa said...

haha. I'll leave the typos alone for today.But I do have a question for you.

What if you meet someone that is good looking and amazing in every other way.. but he just happens to be about 5'5"... do you reject him immediately, or give him a chance?

vanessa said...

Because when you're lying down, height doesn't matter anyway :)

hahaha. Can I say that on here?

Chrissie said...

i think YOU can say that on here, but i can't;)

and if you're asking me personally if i could deal with the 5'5... then i'd say... maybe.

but probably not.

i won't "right a guy off" based on height alone, but i just don't find myself attracted to smaller men.

i'm trying to think if i have ever been, or if there was a guy who "made me see the shorty-light" but i really don't think so...

Sarah said...

If there is no spark — whether it's because of height or stinky breath or one-sided conversation or hints of insanity — then there's no second date. I don't think there's anything wrong w/ admitting that...