Monday, November 5, 2007

The Age Gap

"For guys, it's half your age plus 7. That's the standard rule; everyone knows that."

So this “rule” tells us who we can and cannot date based solely on age appropriateness.

But as a woman who is usually attracted to men slightly older than her (and pretty much never younger), I think there are some high points in dating out of your “age-range.”

It’s nice when he’s older and…

- He has his own place, for real. You don’t have to worry about his roommates walking in, or worse, his parents
- He appreciates you for being slightly younger, and notices the lust you still have for life.
- He can’t help but want to take care of you… a little bit.
- He practices “chivalry” the way they used to, opening car doors and calling to make sure you made it home safely.
- He’s “established” in his career/life ← what you see is what you get.

While I couldn’t date someone as old as my parents, I think a few years makes for an age gap worth talking about.

Because teetering on the edge of one another can be exciting.
Never really meeting in the middle allows for more compromise.

And eventually falling into that bottomless gap might not offer pain…
but promise.

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