Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The chance of a lifetime

Dave Matthew Band fans, listen up!

Yours truly got a rare one-on-one interview with band violinist Boyd Tinsley yesterday. Despite feeling dizzy from adrenaline when Boyd said hello, (DMB is a GOD in my music world) I managed to get off a few questions that sounded something like English.

You can read my interview at the Poughkeepsie Journal Web site . BTW, Boyd doesn't have a gym in his tour bus. But he does have a gym on a trailer that is part of the tour vehicle entourage. Boyd said, he used to have to go find a gym before gigs, and sometimes he'd be late for the concert, which was stressful on the band. That explains those bulging biceps!

Make sure you check back tonight to read my live updates at The band's publicist said it was a go for press passes to the West Point concert with very very limited public tickets. It's nearly 10 hours until Randolph and the Family Band open, yet I feel like doing a cartwheel right now, in the middle of a bunch of my fellow reporters and editors. I just might before the afternoon is over!


oooh, I hope they play Cornbread tonight. That song is so sweeeet!

But you ain't ever had my cornbread
A little bit of heaven, and a little bit of uh uh
Cut it down the middle
Open wide and jump right in


Chrissie said...

"Sarah's SOooooo lucky, she gets to talk to her FAVORITE band on the TELEPHONE..."

Lucky girl!!!

This half of the Odd Couple is still waiting for that opportunity, but I don't know when the Backstreet Boys will be getting back together, so it might be awhile;)

Anonymous said...

wait... didn't the backstreet boys get back together??? they have a new album out, you know...

i can't believe i knew that and you didn't. some backstreet boys fan YOU are.

unless they already broke up again, and you already knew this, in which case you are truly up-to-the-minute with the latest backstreet boys info, and i should not question your backstreet boys fan-hood.

Chrissie said...

okay okay anon, i DID know that they were back together.

sans kevin richardson... apparently at 40 years old he doesn't consider himself a "boy" anymore.

their album came out last week i think, or maybe the week before, i keep referring to their new single as "intolerable" but i'm not sure that's the name.

either way, i used to be a fan (shame).

but now, not so much.

Anonymous said...

don't feel shame. i used to be a britney spears fan.

no wait, that's not entirely true. i still AM a britney spears fan. despite the total mess she's made of herself and all the suicide-watch contests. i'm still rooting for her to pull out of this nose dive...

though i think i'm probably going down with the ship on this one.

Chrissie said...

well... i was sort of a "big fan."

i saw them 4 times in concert.

waited for "hours" for tickets.

and scrapbook-ed my way to "fanatic."

and to top it ALL off, i'm a britney fan too:)

Anonymous said...

ok, feel shame.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, that video is hysterical! Have fun tonight!!

RENAY said...

Is that drool glistening on your lower lip...?

Anonymous said...

Wish it were me going!!!!

What a cool you doing a cartwheel!