Monday, November 19, 2007

The double life

Got a job? and a drinking problem? Uh-Oh!

Once you step into that knee-length skirt and chin-high sweater, gone are the days you got so hammered, you fell down on the dance floor. Here are the days when that behavior will land you with a pink slip. At least, that's how your Human Resource director feels.

Unfair I say! What happens between 9-to-5 is one thing. What happens between midnight and 5 a.m. is another.

But since my face and voice are plastered all over Poughkeepsie, I feel like I'm going to get caught for even thinking about getting plastered. Recently, there was a case where a teacher got spotted in a public photo acting "unteacherish" — whatever that means.

Here's some stereotypical examples of how a career can impact your nightlife to spur some discussion on whether you think it's OK for young professionals to act their age. Or should they become one with the suits they go to work in?

A teacher who tells stories about his drinking days. "Back in my hay day..."
Not cool
A teacher who hits on 18 year old college girls at keg parties.

A politician sipping some wine at a tapas bar in an upscale eatery.
Not cool
A politician seen leaving the bar with a prostitute.

Running into your co-worker and buying them a shot at the bar.
Not cool
Running into your blitzed co-worker and having to talk them out of driving home.

Hanging out with your friends at the bar.
Not cool
Bumping into your boss after you've had 10 too many.


Chrissie said...

Even LESS cool?!

Seeing your teacher from 9th grade, 10 years later, and having him try to pick up your roommate.

Anonymous said...

I know that teacher!

Sarah said...

I "found" this in my e-mail from a co-worker...

The e-mail:

"I was reading your blog and this morning I was listening to WRRV on my way to work. They were talking about the bar photos the Journal has online. One girl wrote in to them telling them that her and her friends (co-workers) were out one weekend, some guy came up to them and took their picture and they thought nothing of it. That next Monday, her and her friend were at a meeting at work and in the middle of the meeting, the boss showed everyone the picture of them that was on our website! He had printed it out and embarrassed them in front of everyone at the meeting. I think their boss crossed a few lines, but this story blends into what you were talking about."

Sure does! Thanks for the e-mail!