Monday, November 12, 2007

e-male vs. real-male

Top 10 reasons emailing is better than dating

1. There is no awkward, obligatory kiss goodnight. (No more quiver lips or beer breath)!

2. You can tell how smart a guy is without having to actually sit through an entire, painful meal with him. If he says things in his emails like "I lik u, want to see a moive?" You can turn him down... before it's too late and he's licking you after watching Kong.

3. You can time his responses to measure his wit without painfully awkward silences where you have to stare... blankly... at his quivering lip you'll have to kiss later.

4. If he types things like "My last girlfriend is a crazy psycho, I HATE her" you can immediately delete him from your mailing list... rather than enduring a scary ride home in his 1990 pickup.

5. You can ask him if he lives at home with his parents and not see him flinch at your audacity. You have the right to know... if it works out, you might have to share a bed with his little sister.

6. You can test his honesty by sending him links that you know DON'T work and see what he says when you ask "What did ya think of that thing I sent you?"

7. You can forward his cute responses to all your friends without making him get on the phone to them with you saying "Come on baby... tell her what you said to me!!!"

8. You can send a "for some reason your stuff keeps going in my junk mail" message to those guys you no longer want to send email to. Hell, you warned him right??? He won't sit home and wonder why you haven't messaged him if he lives in the perpetual land of "DID SHE GET IT?"

9. You can forward that REALLY creepy message to your boss to flag him for harassment. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOO paper trail!

10. Who needs flowers when instead you get that cute little envelope popping up on your desktop?!


madelena said...

No one commented on this one yet, but I think I may have to agree with you on this one; in the beginning stages which is what you seem to be referring to.
There's always a lot of awkwardness in the beginning, trying to figure out who he is, what he's all about, and where he's coming from. There's a lot of questions that may be dodged, and then left sitting there awkwardly looking around the room wondering 'okay, the meal should be coming shortly, so there's only 45 minutes left of this.'
So yeah, in the beginning stages of getting to know someone, I think e-mail is a good indicator of what someone is all about; and like you said, a good indicator of the intelligence level.

BUT there's a problem:

The problem is this : sometimes 'via e-mail' a guy may seem confident and sure of himself, and may talk willingly about whatever pops into his head at that point in time. But once this step moves to the ACTUAL date and real life contact, the guys 'interesting facade' may fade away into his insecurity that he has hiding behind from his computer.
You want a man who can chat in real life just as much as through a letter (because e-mail is the modern equivalent of letter writing, which is what men used to do during the war) so one must be careful when assessing someone based on their writing skills.

Chrissie said...

i definitely agree madelena!

sometimes those that seem so coy and cute via email tend to be less interesting in person.

but i don't think it "tells all" so much as indicates a little bit about a person... enough to help you decide on how you feel about them.