Thursday, November 15, 2007


Do men lose their masculinity by performing traditionally feminine tasks?

I have to say that my own experience has taught me that the following things are extremely sexy when performed by men:

1. Cooking. Regardless of the taste of the final product, a man dancing around the kitchen in his socks is extremely endearing.
2. Making the bed: It’s a bed, enough said.
3. Doing the laundry: Maybe because it brings out the pre-relationship sexy-single man in him… maybe it’s the fact that he surely did ALL OF HIS LAUNDRY at once and was forced to fold it in his skivvies.

Yet, the "traditional VS modern" Chrissie struggles with the idea of seeing her Househusband do the following:

1. Scrubbing the toilet: Not that women should necessarily be the ones to do it either, but I can just picture the guy whimpering the whole time about how “gross” it is. Whimpering is never sexy.
2. Holding a puking baby over his shoulder, looking frazzled and saying, “Please take him, I’ve so much else to do I’m having a hot flash.”
3. Sewing his own buttons. Now, I’m not much of a seamstress, but needles and threads bring to mind images of Grandma, not Mr. Masculine.

So what’s the answer to this modern question...
Do men become emasculated by a "Househusband" status?

Maybe there’s something to be said for waiting for Mr. Right to bring home the bacon rather than fry it himself…


madelena said...

ewh sewing!!! That would be a really odd thing to see a man do, and if I did ever see this happening I would assume the next thing out of his mouth would be "You could so totally tell the button was missing that it was just annoying me. Does this match ok?"

There are def. some things men should and should not do, and sewing buttons is one, and telling their male 'friend' I love you everyday is another (I just got into the most bizarre argument over that this morning).

Chrissie said...

telling their male friends "i love you."


i wonder if guys find it strange when we tell our girl-friends i love you all the time...

tnmiller said...

Damn, I always thought my sewing ability set me apart from the field.

Time to put that needle and thread away :-(

I don't think guys find it weird when women express their love for one another with those three words. Men have been known to do the same, just not in an emotional 'you're my best friend and I'm always here for you' sense...more of a...okay, I've dug myself into a hole. I don't tell my guy friends I love them.

Chrissie said...

the more i think about it, the more i realize that the word "house" before husband OR wife... lends itself to a not-so-sexy image.

maybe it's not that the sewing, baby holding and toilet cleaning that aren't MAN FRIENDLY so much as these things just aren't RELATIONSHIP FRIENDLY.

Anonymous said...

why dont you ask the daddy diary guy, he seems to enjoy all the above referenced items.

Jared said...

Not that I have any personal experience, but...something tells me that once you're married with a house and kids, "sexiness" does not come into play when determining the division of household labor.

Chrissie said...

i tend to agree with you jared, but isn't it a shame nonetheless!!!???

RENAY said...

I have yet to date a man that will perform traditionally feminine chores, but when I have caught my man actually doing one, I find it extremely sexy because, for once, it’s not ME cleaning the can!! I have also snuck a few pics on my camera phone of my man scrubbing the toilet because it is such a rare occurrence. And very humorous, might I add.

Gman said...

Um, if you've been to college you gotta do your laundry.

If you've been to a college with bad food, you end up cooking.

If you live in an apt by yourself, you have to scrub the can and vacuum once in a while.

But yeah, the sewing thing is spot on. I gave my wife a shirt with a button to fix a year ago because I just can't do it without making a real hash of the job (she hasn't gotten around to it yet; glad I have another shirt). BTW, in our house, I do 99% of the cooking, the yard work, snow removal, simple maintenance, and she does the vacuuming, dusting, etc. We each do one can.

Seems to work for us.

vanessa said...

I dont know about you but I love coming home to find out my man did some household chores. He did the dishes, put the clean laundry away, and took out the garbage before I got home. It doesn't necessarily make him more "manly". But in my eyes it does make him a gentleman in the simple fact that it shows he appreciates me, and that in itself is sexy.

vanessa said...

Oh, but here's another spin on it.

I've been known to be the one to do the heavy lifting, put in the massive a/c unit in the summer, caulk the tub, fix leaky pipes, paint, kill pesky insects...

Does that make me any less feminine?

Chrissie said...

ya see... that's the very question at hand vanessa, DO these tasks make us more masculine/feminine?!

i think that there's something to be said for a woman who can "fix things" herself.

i moved the entire contents of my old apartment into my new apartment without the help of a single man (or a moving truck)!

i had my GIRL friend help me, and although it was a struggle to carry the 300 lb 50 year old TV down the three flights of stairs, we DID IT.

and i'd like to think that us being capable of something like that makes us MORE attractive to men.

or at least the kind of men i want to find me attractive... the modern thinkers who want independent women who don't just NEED a man to help them, but WANT one for company.

Sarah said...

Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to the chores.