Monday, November 5, 2007


She's 21. He's 36.

They were seen making out for hours, her on his lap, and then spent the night in the same hotel.

Guess who?

Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong

Apparently, Lance said to Ash: "You looked so sexy on Full House. I used to fantasize about your pre-puberty body... prrrrrrrrrrr"

and she replied: "Your bald spot, man boobs and divorce are turning me on... meowwwww."

ick. ick. ick.

Really, 15 years apart is one thing. But I can't look at Ashley Olsen without seeing a thumb sucking pig tails wearing CHILD.

Maybe Lance can get past that. But Ashley shouldn't get past it. She should be with someone who appreciates what being 21 represents... Because age isn't just a number, it's a lifestyle.

Pros for dating someone your age:

1.) You know he's not trying to trade up.
2.) He doesn't have to hire a babysitter before dates.
3.) The ex-wife doesn't own 1/2 his assets.
4.) Viagra is not one of his many daily medications.
5.) You experience "firsts" together, instead of him telling you which firsts you are allowed to have.
6.) You don't have to tell him his excess skin and U-shaped hair line are sexy.



Chrissie said...

See, I don't think there's anything wrong with the 36/21 age gap.

I do however think there is something wrong with Ashley Olsen...

Sarah said...

I'll admit, there are some exceptions, especially when females achieve maturity quickly. Deep down I wish C. was a little older, so that he would be more focused on "sealing the deal."

Maybe Olsen can relate. Or maybe growing up with three dads (on TV) has made her a little too comfortable around father figures...

Chrissie said...

i find that most guys "my age" aren't on the same "level" as i am.

it's hard to find a 25 year old guy with a career, his own place, and a sense of accomplishment... all those things that make a man ready to "seal the deal" as you said;)

not that i'm looking to seal the deal, but i'm not looking for someone i need to coach through their senior year at college either.

Sarah said...

which happens to be their 6th year, as well :-)

Jared said...

A 21-year old might be wise for her years but it is very unlikely that a 36-year old man is going to respect her as an equal.

Anonymous said...

Im 27, husband is 41......... wouldn't want him a day younger!

I don't find there to be anything " ICK " about our relationship, and only someone young and immature would size up the quality of a relationship by an age difference!

Sarah said...

I acknowledged there are some exceptions . The ick factor shouldn't be taken personal. This post is about Olsen and Armstrong.


Ick is when a mid-life crisis guy decides to get a new, wrinkle free arm piece.

Ick is not when two people fall madly in love and know they are destined to be together.

vanessa said...

Sarah, The ick factor could be worse.

Lance could have been making out with the OTHER Olsen twin. Mary Kate, the (crack) problem child.

At least he has some standards.

Anonymous said...

Age IS just a number. There are 19 years between me and my man(im 28 and hes 47)and he is the love of my life!!! I keep him young! People should just leave them(MK & Lance) alone and let them be happy!!

Mario said...

See, my thinking is the counterpart to Chrissie's -- I have no opinion of Ashley Olsen (is she the one who starves herself, or is that the other one?), but I do when it comes to Lance Armstrong.

The cancer and Tour de France heroics aside, the man is not a very nice man.

From what I've read, he's one of those super rich super-achievers who surrounds himself with sycophants and comes to believe that the world and everyone in it revolves around him.

When he was dating Sheryl Crow, it was all fine for her to follow him around the globe like a groupie; but when his career was over and she asked him to come along on tour with her, things quickly turned south.

And then he abandons her when she gets cancer? Why? He handled his; and he goes on speaking tours, speaking to cancer survivors everywhere; but he can't handle hers?

I take it it's the "Lance Armstrong Show" wherever he goes -- and no one better try to outshine him.

We can only hope this will turn out to be a valuable life lesson for Miss Olsen.

Jared said...

What about the long term? Isn't it supposed to be "growing old together" not "watching you grow old and die before I even reach retirement age"?

Sarah said...

I don't think the growing old argument has any weight. Anything can happen. She could get hit by a bus, or develop an eating disorder/drug addiction like her sister. He could live to 108. Right?

Chrissie said...

Once they're both "old and gray" it won't matter if there are 10 or 20 years in between them... old is old.

Sarah said...

but it's not such a little deal when he's say 40 and she's say 18.

maybe I'm just sick of old men making comments about my ... curves. but shouldn't i be?

Chrissie said...

yeah... but i don't know that "old men" are more likely to be making those comments, some guys regardless of their age just think it's "okay."

i think "older" is nice, but i won't be ready for the "old" guy until i'm old myself.

i think the weirdest thing about dating someone "older," is that it's actually okay to be dating someone their age... it makes you feel older yourself;)

"wow, he's 30-something... and that's not illegal, i'm getting up there."

chrissynb said...

I have to join in.....I am just one of those age phobics who have a huge problem seeing myself with someone younger let alone older...and thats the first thing I ask when someone is setting me up on a date.....his age!!!!I find it really weird......I kinda agree with chrissy....." I won't be ready to marry an old guy unless I'm older myself"