Friday, November 9, 2007

It's in his kiss

One kiss could change your life <-- At least according to an article you can read in today's Journal. From bad kissers, to mediocre kissers, to the FANTASTIC smoochers I have to agree... one kiss can change something (if not your life)...

It CAN certainly change your feelings about someone.
A brief outline of my kissing history:

1. THE FIRST KISS: Awful, completely and terribly AWFUL. I was 14, it was under the moonlight at a football game. He kissed me, it was all tongue and spit... and somehow, his tongue was COLD as if he'd been breathing in the October air with his mouth WIDE OPEN like a HOUND DOG. That was also, our LAST kiss.

2. A GREAT KISS: "I've been wanting to do this all night," I said, meaning I'd wanted to softly touch the back of his neck. "I've been wanting to do THIS," he replied and laid one on me. SMACK! Goodbye reality, hello new boyfriend <-- 3 years, much kissing (and eventual fighting, hating, and breaking up).

3. QUIVER LIP: (The story you've all been waiting for;) Second date, decent conversation, minimal physical attraction, but there was something. UNTIL THE KISS. Sure it was cold, but was it really necessary for his less than plump pucker to quiver like he'd never kissed a woman before?! I felt like I'd just been kissed by a crying toddler.

4. THE THRUSTER: An episode of "Sex and the City" comes to mind, where Charlotte goes on this great date with a great guy and when he kisses her goodnight, he THRUSTS his tongue into her mouth, completely missing her lips and instead going for her tonsils. <-- THIS STUFF HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE! And no amount of intellectual chemistry can make up for it.

Every once in awhile (as this article states) we kiss someone who makes it all feel "right." And I call this "the new job" because this person's kiss can make you forget that you've got other things on your agenda... like working, sleeping, and eating.

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Sarah said...

WOW, no one wants to open up about their kissing experiences? No one? Anyone? Someone? One person? Or thing? perhaps? please? Do it. Do it for the odd couple!

Chrissie said...


Sarah said...

Yes, yes. I knew this was coming. But revealing one's lip-locking past deserves a post of its own... Stay tuned.