Monday, November 26, 2007

What's up with LAT?

What would you say to your partner if he or she suggested you live in separate places... forever?
According to the Census Bureau, more than 3 million married couples are doing just that —
living apart but together.
Sometimes they live across the street, while others prefer their solitude in different cities, states and countries from their spouse. Usually they have this in common — a desire to keep their independence even after they've taken their vows.

From the Nov. issue of SELF magazine, one LATer jokes about the commitment irony: "Marriage and kids are one thing, but moving in together? Don't rush me."

The LATer states reasons for gladly living apart — both her and the hubby aren't into change. His NYC apartment was rent stabilized and her place was too small for him and his pianos. They have nothing in common (she's messy, he's clean; he's into modern art; she likes antiques...)

She said a common wrong perception is that their lives aren't entangled. "Yet our lives are entangled, hopelessly, irrevocably and, for the most part, happily. To us, living together in the same physical space has nothing to do with living in the same emotional space. In my more hippie-granola moments, I like to think that there is a certain purity to our arrangement. I am married simply because I happen to love the guy."

What's your views on dual dwelling duos? Should couples get married and have kids if they aren't willing to share the same bed, couch or bathroom?


vanessa said...

That is so strange. I didn't know those types of people existed.

Whats the point of getting married if you have nothing in common and cant stand the idea of living together.

Its almost like they went into a contract to be each others booty call for the rest of their lives.

Not for me.

Sarah said...

All these two people share is love. So it that enough to base a marriage on? I would say no.

They've forgotten compromise (He can move in with ONE of his pianos. She promises to cleanup her dirty clothes).

If they can't work out the simple things, like who gets to use the bathroom first in the morning, how will their marriage survive?

Shouldn't you want to BE with the one you promise to spend your life with?

If you ask me, I think they settled for a partner who didn't quite have all that they wanted.