Thursday, November 29, 2007

Meeting the parents

After sharing dinner and publicly canoodling like only people who barely know one another would have the audacity to... he screeched.


I floundered... "Wait, what?! Ex girlfriend alert? Choking on your fish dinner? WHAT IS IT!!?!?! YOU LOOK TERRIFIED!"


And his parents it was.
Just 3 booths away, sharing their own meal together, tangled in conversation so interesting that they didn't even notice their son sitting so close by, on his own date.

"If you wanted me to meet your parents, you could have just said so... not that I would have said yes but this is just creepy."

And just then...

They noticed us.

I knew a little wave wouldn't suffice since he was forced to walk over and actually greet them in person.

"Are you coming with me?" He asked, as I thanked myself (again) for not wearing a more revealing shirt and patted myself (again) on the back for having only one glass of wine.

"Well I'm certainly not going to be the girl to sit over here and ignore them."
(Despite the fact that girl seemed so much more me at that moment in time).

I went.
I met the parents, a whole 2 weeks after meeting him.

But awkward introductions were avoided, since they knew who I was.

They already knew my name...
Where I worked...

AND a whole slew of other things I thought I'd have to confess over dinner, in the distant future. A future in which I would have prepared my BEST SPEECH about my life's goals, my educational past, and my plans for "their son."

But that speech was avoided.
And the only one who seemed the least bit uncomfortable was him...

Could it be because it was so obvious he'd been talking about me?

Could it be because it's always difficult to have your date "meet the parents," no matter how well she knows their offspring?

Maybe... but regardless of his discomfort... in the end I'm just glad I wore the right top.

Because if I'd ended up in some tight, red, v-neck thing I would have asked him to introduce me as "Sarah."


Anonymous said...

I like jell-o, its squishy.

Anonymous said...

what i find most interesting about these last few blog posts is the subtle, yet significant, changes in wording made throughout the day.

are we afraid of being misinterpreted?

or afraid of being too honest?

or does it just sound better after a little tweaking?

blah. these are the things i notice, with my semi-photographic memory. and these are the things i am interested in (not so much the obviously contrived parent-meet).

Chrissie said...

anon #1: interesting comment. i however hate jello.

anon #2:

"changes in wording made throughout the day."

are you speaking of my tweaks on this post i made after publishing it?

if so here are the reasons:

1. I took out a chunk about thinking he hadn't planned it, because it seemed pointless to say and blog posts should be terse.

2. "a lot." he did speak about me "a lot" err... i mean the "girl the post was about"... but to say so seemed like gloating. and it also seemed sort of obvious, i didn't want to insult my readers with being redundant.

3. i also made the text around the word "red" the color red because i think it's more fun that way.

Pretty much all of my posts are works in progress... some more than others.

(However: If you're talking about that one post, that I actually UNPUBLISHED entirely after a day or so of leaving it up... then that's a different story;)

oh! and i doubt the parent meet was contrived, as i picked the restaurant last minute! i mean... "that girl who this post is about" did.

Anonymous said...

eh... your matter-of-fact explanations take all the interest out of it, or make me skeptical.

just as your matter-of-fact explanation to that one post did.

Chrissie said...

well in reality...

everything sounds better after a little tweaking.

Anonymous said...

ah, a step back into something easier to explain... or just more obscure.

either way...

Mario said...

Cheer up, Chrissie. Perhaps he felt a bit awkward having his parents inadvertently reveal just how enthused he is about you -- thereby blowing his "Mr. Cool" persona -- but imagine how much more embarrassing it would have been for all parties involved if his parents were the ones canoodling so audaciously ;-)

Sarah said...

I may be jumping up and down on a flimsy tree branch here, but I believe we may have a sore loser in the race for Chrissie's love.

Or maybe this McDonalds food that I am shoveling down my throat for lack of groceries is clogging more than my arteries.

Chrissie said...

cheer up?!

i should have tweaked this post more if there was evidence of a "sad, mopey chrissie" in there somewhere.

i was relaying the story to a friend in person and it just seemed cute.

it was cute that his parents were on a date.
it was cute that he was shifting uncomfortably.
it was cute that i was concerned about my top.

eh... but what do i know?
i'm new at this;)

Anonymous said...

wow. a "sore loser"? i don't think that's how anybody here is acting.

sarah, for you to draw that conclusion means at least one thing:

somebody has been talking about something with everybody except someone...

which i suppose could make any "friend" feel sore.