Friday, November 16, 2007

Opposites attract

“He’s great, we have EVERYTHING in common!”

Well, “everything in common” loses its allure when you start looking YOURSELF in the eye on Friday night saying, “What do YOU want to do?”

Chances are your clone wants to do the SAME THING YOU DO, which is fine, until you’re at a loss for what sounds fun and you find yourselves watching movies and eating pizza.


I think dating someone who has interests that are vastly different from yours keeps things exciting.

Maybe it creates conflict from time to time, but that conflict ignites passion and passion… well passion ignites all sorts of other things.

However, there are a few things that may be too much to handle when it comes to dating your OPPOSITE.

1. VEGETARIAN VS MEAT EATER: Regardless of who eats the meat, it might not seem like a big deal in the beginning, but can you really imagine your wedding day without Prime Rib, or if you’re on the opposite end of things, your wedding day in the company of a dead animal?!

2. THE MARRYING TYPE VS THE NOT MARRYING TYPE: Seems easy enough, she wants it, he doesn’t, but they have “so much fun together.” Eventually, the commitment question will come up and there really isn’t a compromise on this one. If your overall goals for life don’t match up (somewhat) chances are you won’t end up HAPPY.

3. SOCIALITE VS. AGORAPHOBIC: You like to spend your time out with your friends, in social settings, with groups of fun-loving people like yourself. He likes to spend his time, alone at home, or with you, at home. While it may be okay in the beginning, you’ll soon be tired of his couch potato ways and be looking for someone else while you’re out… with everyone else.

So, tastes in music, wine, or movies aren't exactly deal breakers.
But if your future goals don't have anything in common, it might be time to consider the consequences of opposites attracting.

And although you're attracted to one another, it might be time to do the OPPOSITE of what you're currently doing and find someone who works for you.

What do you think are some of the pros/cons dating your OPPOSITE.


Sarah said...

What I think is TOO opposite to work in a relationship

1. Drinking (one does, one doesn't)

2. Smoking (if one finds it gross, the other will suffer).

3. Children (not EVERYONE loves those little snot nose buggers)

4. Politics (Bush voters need not apply)

5. Morales & Values... ('nuff said)

6. Life goals (he wants to be a race car driver, she wants him to stay home and raise the kids)

Sarah said...

What I think is TOO alike to work

1. Fashion (you both have the same sweather)

2. Best friends (because a BFF shouldn't be Switzerland)

3. Family ("but we're 3rd cousins!" — still gross!)