Monday, November 19, 2007

Professional by day AND night

Unfortunately when we trade in our jeans and tank tops in favor of more office friendly attire, we also are forced to trade in our former, less professional selves.

And rightfully so.

At the risk of sounding "old," or "boring," or "judgmental," there is something to be said for trading in your pint glass and pub for a wine glass and your sofa.

As we enter the 9-5 doldrums, we're forced to say goodbye to the following:

1. Flashing
your friends as they drive by. Sure, it was funny when you were 16, but if your boss is accidentally driving the same car as your BFF, you might not get fired... but you might want to quit.

2. Public intoxication:
Our lips get a little loose after 2 drinks, don't consume more than that in a public place or your extent of "loose" might be something worth mentioning in the company newsletter.

3. Late TUESDAY nights:
Being hungover at your 8 a.m. class is one thing, being hungover at your job, while dealing with the public is quite another. You can sleep through first period, you can't sleep through an 8 hour work day.

But in spite of all you're giving up, you gain some perks as well:

1. Keeping your clothes on: Means keeping your self-respect, secrets, and imperfections to yourself.

2. Staying sober while out on the town: Not only are there fewer regrets, but you'd be amazed how many bottles of wine you can get for the price of that glass you just paid for.

3. Welcoming the weekend:
Saturday and Sunday hold a new promise when every day isn't a party.

What do YOU think? Should we say goodbye to our "partying" selves in favor of more "professional" fun?


Sarah said...

U know what I miss the most about being "unprofessional"? Those weekends that never seemed to end. Friday lasted till 6 a.m. Saturday. Saturday lasted till 4 a.m. Sunday.

Now, they end at 9 p.m., when I fall asleep on the couch.

Chrissie said...

or even better... when the weekend started at 8 p.m. Thursday;)

i still stay up REALLY late on the weekends, whether i'm out or not... just to get the most out of it (although i then sleep until 2 in the afternoon so it might be pointless;)

Anonymous said...

actual conversation between me and my manager last thursday:

manager: "i'm just really tired today -- i've been up since 5am."
me: "oh. i'm kinda tired too, but that's because i went to bed at 5am."

it's no secret at my job that i occasionally go out during the week and get drunk, then drag myself into work the next day. but i don't think this has an effect on whether i'm perceived as "professional".

i think the bigger impression is how you handle yourself "the next day".

if you're dragging yourself around, with your head in your hand, harping about your regrets and how it was another one of "those" nights, then people are gonna look at you and think, "what the hell is wrong with that person? when are they gonna grow up?"

but if you come in to work and you do your job with the same high quality that you always do, and despite the 4 hours' sleep you still have energy and you still exude that pleasantly carefree personality, then people are gonna look at you and think, "wow, how does that person do it? i can't even stay awake past 9pm. O to be young again..."

or maybe that's just how i hope people perceive me... i suppose they could still be wondering when i'm gonna join their "grown-up", er, professional world.

Chrissie said...

maybe you're right anon, but what if you ran INTO your boss while you were out... and you don't know what you even said to them?!

THAT might be harder for your co-workers to "get over," than your seemingly non-existent hangover.

Sarah said...

Not to mention, some people think their after work habits are more hidden then they are. E.g. Indoor sunglasses. Red neck blotches. The hand stamp. The nightclub postcard still stuck to your windshield. And that smell.

tnmiller said...

Does the odd couple make the exception for this Wednesday night? Mahoney's is gonna be hot and it's the night before Thanksgiving! Best party night of the year (as is every other party night)!

jferro said...
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jferro said...

You two think you have to be careful if one of your bosses sees you out with two sheets to the wind, and third heading up the main sail?

Try being the boss.

Fortunately, none of you were in New Paltz Friday night ...

Sarah said...

I just pictured you with your tie around your forehead and I think I should start handing out in New Paltz more often!