Tuesday, November 20, 2007

quality holiday memories


Dear In-Laws,

I've taken your loved one hostage. I've secured his ankles and wrists, buckled him in my Jeep and will be driving him 100s of miles away from your Thanksgiving celebration so that he can be with me and my family. I promise you he will kick and scream the whole way. He will be force-fed instant mashed potatoes and reheated turkey bits (from a paper plate, no less) while he dreams of your piping hot lasagna and aged Merlot. He will cry out, "It's time to leave!" And I will pretend I didn't hear him. He will watch back-to-back Disney movies with kids, even though his football team is playing a game on TV. They will crawl up his back and knee him in places where knees don't belong, and he will see stars. We won't even have his favorite kind of pie. Only cherry. And store bought. Then I will make him drive me home, while I sleep the whole way.

Thank you for understanding.

We'll see you on Christmas.


Who do you spend your holidays with?
Do you rotate holidays or try to be at two places at once?


vanessa said...

We spend most every holiday (Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.) with his family, although he'd prefer it just be the 2 of us... on the couch in front of the TV.

We go to MY annual family christmas party (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents) the weekend before christmas. My mom, dad, and sis come to our house on christmas eve for dinner and presents.

I would prefer to have everyone at my house every holiday but it doesn't really work out when your apt.'s so small you dont have room for a kitchen or dining room table.

As long as you try to see both families about the same amount of time, for the most part you can avoid jealousy and hurt feelings.

If that doesn't work I suggest going every other year to see each others family.

Trying to see EVERYONE in one day turns out to be too hectic and draining, and you end up not enjoying yourself or each others company at all.

vanessa said...

I do love your note to the in laws by the way.

I however love my in-laws-to-be and they treat me better than my own family half the time, so I have no problem going to his family gatherings.

Anonymous said...

We both come from divorced parents which makes things even more hectic, but we try to be fair. Every Thanksgiving since I've known him (2000) we've hung out with his family and now it's sort of a nice tradition.

Sarah said...

I should note, C.'s family is fantastic, I love spending the holidays with them because they feel like my family too.

This letter is a mixture of me stealing C., my sister-in-law stealing my brother, other relatives disappearing from the holiday lineup due to marriages, etc.

The point is, no matter what, someone is going to be away from their family. Especially in a divorced, spread out family like mine.

I was just hoping someone has found a solution. I thought, maybe we (c. and I) just spend the holidays apart. After all, don't we see each other more than we see our families?

Sarah said...
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