Thursday, November 8, 2007

Surviving high school

I would do it again.

High school that is.

My memories are packed full of sentiment and warmth.
- I dated a swell guy from 10th to senior year, Mike Laurence. We used to pass love notes between periods that said we'd always be together... and in a way, we still are, even if it's just a long-lasting friendship...
- although, it was my best friend Bridget and I who were voted best couple.
- A's didn't come easy, but they came nonetheless.
- So did opportunities to build self-esteem, like when I added class v.p. to my academia activities. Or when I discovered my chicken legs were built for sprinting. And I beat the 6-foot-tall German exch
ange student at the 100 meter dash.

Yeah, I would do it again. For sure.

And, I'd do it the same.

For me, high school wasn't a matter of surviving pre-calculus or the SATs. It wasn't being proud of the undefeated football team (we didn't have a football field or any other bells and whistles to boast about).

It was a matter of learning I was special.

Duanesburg High gave me that. What did high school give you?

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Chrissie said...

Pine Plains Highschool AKA "Stissing Mountain JR-SR" gave me this:

1. AG FAIR: A day to celebrate agriculture, cows, and skipping class by hanging out in the bushes all day.

2. A boyfriend from 10th grade through graduation <-- So I missed out on all the FUN STUFF.

3. A sense of camaraderie <-- I'm still friends with my HS clique.

4. My weight now + 20 lbs.

5. "Memories." <-- Sort of, it all blended together. There was that time a kid brought all the leftover donuts from D&D to homeroom in a black plastic garbage bag and for some reason was sent to the office for it. I remember that.