Wednesday, December 12, 2007

After the Vows

Last night, The Style Channel did dreamy brides-to-be a bignormous disservice. Producers followed up with couples featured on "Whose Wedding Is it Anyways" in a special TV show called "After the Vows."

It was like watching botched plastic surgery. One minute the Playboy-Bunny-in-training is flashing her perky pair. The next minute she's crying over her worn out eggplants.

But on "After the Vows," these married women had made their life-time commitments to squash-types who couldn't be surgically "fixed."

Quote from one bride: "I was so busy planning my wedding, I didn't think about what would happen afterwards."

What did happen? Couples therapy.

Quote from HER groom: "I don't think divorce should be an option for people married less than a year."

Woa. I didn't want to hear this. Bring back the $500,000 wedding extravaganza, with the 7-tier wedding cake and 5 piece orchestra. I want to pick out my color schemes, not my divorce attorney.

What do you think? Are these wedding shows skewing the reality of married life? Is it more like THIS?


Sarah said...

Any married people out there want to comment on the post-wedding events? Was it as you expected? Was HE as you expected?

I can only compare the act of moving in together... and the realization that my MAN was NOT who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Luckily, it cost a few $100 to break the lease, not $50,000 to celebrate a doom marriage.

Chrissie said...

i think if two people are so wrapped up in the bling of the "big day" then they aren't coming from the right place ANYWAY... those marriages are doomed to fail.

Sarah said...

I just can't believe people would spend that kinda cash on a party without paying much attention to the aftermath... How can you not wonder, what happens after I take the dress off? ya know? But it happens. A lot. I guess!