Monday, December 3, 2007

The Irish Band's Elves

The Cray & Dempsey Experience ROCKED Darby's in Hyde Park Saturday. I was there celebrating my boyfriend's 30th birthday with our friends. Perhaps you saw us, drinking Blue Moon with freshcut oranges and dancing like drunkards. It was the kinda night Billy Joel needs to write a sequel song about ... "Early December Back in 2007. What a very special time for me. What a crowd, what a night"

The What a Night ballad would recall:

An eclectic Celtic band that sang Snoop Dogg's Drop It Like It's Hot but substituted their own hilarious lyrics about hot sisters and stuff that I can't write about in this PG-13 blog...

That there was a fire-hair boy standing next to the microphone with his fist in the air the entire time, chanting the old Irish songs about drunken sailors.

That we all pretended we were elves from Ireland.

That outside, the College Drunk Bus arrived, and a girl stumbled out, smashed into the glass windows of a store, then slid down it like a fly on a windshield. I heard her friends shout, "Lean over so you don't get any on you" and the bouncer respond "Get her back on the bus. She ain't coming in here!"

That we sang in the cab on the ride home.

That it was the kind of night when 3:30 a.m. felt like midnight. The kind of night when you couldn't remember a fraction of a second when your lips weren't turned up, when your feet weren't shuffling and when you wished for a better group of friends.

Not even hearing that my most recent ex is married from a mutual friend could ruin a night like this!


Chrissie said...

i believe a friend of mine attempted to sing WITH them on stage "we're irish and we're rockin'!"

she of course, couldn't remember it;)

Zirbel25 said...

What a great time!! I have not had that much fun in a long time! And I cant remember the last time I stayed out that late!! You missed the diner, but dont worry we will get you to come mext time :)

Sarah said...

Zirbel, Now that would have been the peanut butter cup on the Reese's Sundae!