Thursday, December 20, 2007

FIRSTS are awkward

Whether it’s first kisses, first sleepovers or the first time you meet the parents, new relationships come equipped with questions about etiquette and the importance of timing.

As Christmas approaches, and we’re forced to buy all those we “care about” something they’ll remember, exchanging GIFTS FOR THE FIRST TIME can be somewhat nerve racking.

SO TAKE MY ADVICE, if your relationship falls in the 0-3 month range...

The following gifts are completely inappropriate:

1. THE RING: Your girlfriend of three years would be ecstatic, your friend-with-benefits of three weeks would be concerned for your mental health.

2. A PET: Sure, she thinks pugs are cute... and that teeny weeny kitten at the pet shop made her melt. But regardless of her passion for pets, DO NOT GET HER A LIVING THING! A dog could live 20 years, and if your relationship doesn't last 20 DAYS every time she feeds Pugsly, she'll be reminded of that crazy guy who moved way too fast.

3. THE SCRAP BOOK: If you’ve been collecting ticket stubs, receipts and the first gum wrapper she wrote her phone number on since day one, that’s sweet. But it will seem sweeter in the YEARS to come so save your Elmer’s glue and stickers for a future holiday. (This way you can ensure that it’s not used as “evidence” against you when she decides you're crazy and asks for that restraining order).

In all, I think it’s best to keep the early days simple and thoughtful. Spending too much money or too much time on something creates too much pressure for a new relationship.

Wouldn’t you prefer to remember your first Christmas as “the day you spent necking under the mistle toe” instead of the day you argued over the discrepancy between your gift of precious stones and hers of your new performance fleece?

Comment and tell us what good/bad gifts you received early in your relationship.

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