Thursday, December 6, 2007

His "Dog Gone-It" Past

The other day, C. got out his Christmas box. I pulled out its tenants. Garland. Lights. Ornaments.

So far, so bueno.

Then a smaller box. With a girl's handwriting. The loopy scribbles read: "Note: Maybe get a bigger tree next year." A heart dotted the "i".
I repeat, a heart dotted the "i".

The ex.
Her cutesy note. Her hearts.
Double Yuck.

C.'s ex had lifted her leg and peed all over his stuff.

"So what!" C. said. "When I met you, your boxes said 'Sarah and J's X-mas stuff.' "
Crap, he had me there.

But wait. Checkmate. "Those boxes don't exist anymore," I said.

Then I laughed. I found this ornament in HIS box that was so HER and so NOT ME. A fashionista figure on a shopping spree.

C. was right. I had nearly 3 amazing years with him. She had one Christmas. He had one ornament of hers. But I had his heart.

Forgetting his past isn't always as easy as he wants it to be. But SHE is insignificant and it's time to let it go.

Remember, a little soap will get out her scent, but your mark is much much more permanent.


Anonymous said...

this is stupid and immature. I can't even finish the article I am only 21 and I hope who ever wrote this was in high school or I will be sad for this person?. Just a thought..

Anonymous said...

I am bored and just came across this article.. trying to procrastinate from doing my h. work.... but seriously I wish I never came upon this... because this is beyond me and I don't see why girls or even women act like this. It jsut makes no sense to me/