Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Love is limitless

My head was swooning. My hand was sweating in his.

I love him, I thought. I love him so much.

I turned to him. He turned to me. He got ready to say something. My heart throbbed like a deep cut.

"I feel sick. I'm going to go lay down," he said. Then vanished.

PoppppP! The moment burst like bubblegum, leaving me in a gooey glob of mess. Stuck with my love thoughts. Alone.

He did say it a few weeks later. He swayed into it, like a gentle breeze.

"I'm falling in love with you," he said, with me in his arms. Falling? my inside voice asked. Then he added, "No, I am in love with you."

It was a love that we built on, added to, and continue to grow.

Now he says, "I love you more." And I know exactly what he means. More.


Chrissie said...

do you think that saying "i love you" frequently "cheapens" it in anyway?

AND would you have said "I LOVE YOU" first, or were you determined to wait for him?


Sarah said...

what cheapens it is when you say it and don't mean it... say it 1,000 times, but mean it 1,000 times.

i think i was a little apprehensive to put feelings out there... but i DON'T think i needed to hear him say it first. he just did.

will u stop it with the hearts! :-)

vanessa said...

I said "I love you" first and it ended in a breakup. And then he came back to get back together and he was saying it too. Apparently saying it made him realize he felt something too?

I think saying "I love you" too much does cheapen it in a way. After awhile it just becomes habit and rolls off the tongue without thought.

My man and I dont say it all the time, and I think it feels even better when we do tell each other.
After awhile you dont really have to tell each other, you already know. Its in the forehead kisses, the handholding, the hugs and cuddles. You dont have to hear it if you feel it all the time.

Sarah said...

My high school boyfriend said I Love You first.

I said "thanks" in response. it wasn't the right time.

when i felt it, I said it to him.
He replied (I kid u not), "ditto."

I guess I deserved that.