Monday, December 31, 2007

My Relationship Resolution

In 2008 Chrissie Lynn vows to NOT:

Blame New Guy for Old Guy’s flaws.

If I’ve learned anything in the years of being single, it’s that no two men are the same.

And although a lot of men are jerks...
they all have their own unique way of showing it.

Just because your ex cheated, lied, or posted your home phone number on Craig’s List in an XXX rated classified… that doesn’t mean your new man will follow in his footsteps.

So here's a New Year's toast to all the diamonds in the rough...
let's not dull their shine with blame.

What's your relationship resolution?


Anonymous said...

My resolution is simply not to make one tis year. It proved to work against me last New Year's so this year I'm going to take that lesson and apply it. Last year I resolved to finally choose the right man for me since I had been torn between two for the past two years. So, I chose. I chose wrong. I thought too much with my head and not enough with my heart. This year luckily the "unchosen" man opened his arms and his heart to me one more time. This time I'm going to let life take me where it wants to and see where I end up, with eyes closed and heart open.

Chrissie said...

sounds like the last part of your comment is a resolution after all anon!

i'm glad things worked out for you in the end though, that's all that really matters.