Thursday, December 20, 2007

The national retail federation said yesterday:
1 in 5 men have not started shopping.

that explains a lot.

that explains boyfriend-to-girlfriends gifts like Witman's chocolates, electric toothbrushes and basket of checkout aisle trinkets.

that explains the retractable clothesline I got from J.

the holiday sweater from M.

the cashmere socks from R.

Sure, it's nice to get something, anything from the person you like.

But, once you've swapped more than digitals and saliva (I love yous and whatnots), you better put something a little more personal than Trident gum in her stocking...

Rule # 1
You shouldn't repeat date, so you shouldn't repeat gift. She deserves something you've never given anyone else.

Rule # 2
Romance. Romance. Romance. And not in the leopard panties kindaway. In a gift certificate to the spa, reservations for two at Mohonk Mtn. House in January, etc. kindaway.

Rule # 3
A disappointing gift is excusable. Once. When repeated over time, she'll either give you a list, or the boot.

Rule # 4
If she said she loved it, strutted it around on Dec. 25, and then you never saw it again, your get out of jail free card has been spent.


(if you care) below are a few of my top gift ideas for her:

— a personal note; framed photographs; bedding from Brookstone; "the notebook" DVD or novel; earrings (check out Options Jewelry in Rhinebeck); a homemade CD of her favorite music; a dvd-recorded video message; homemade furniture (maybe a bench or a wine cabinet); tickets or gift certificate for a romantic date you have planned out (couple massage and candlelight dinner — check out Buttermilk Falls Inn in Milton); pretty much anything from this store; personalized t-shirts; ok I'll stop there!

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Anonymous said...

Here is a great gift idea that is quick and easy but very fun and different. At, you can star in your very own, wild or mild, romance novel. I have purchased these for many occasions and couples... they are always a hit.