Friday, December 28, 2007

Pet names

She calls him “Peanut.”

“Peeeee Nutttttttt” actually. Drawn out, exaggerated and as “cutesy wootsey” as it comes.

But apparently they’d never had “the talk,” before.

The one where they determined it wasn’t necessarily okay to put those pet names on public display.

After hearing “peanut” more than 100 times, I asked Mr. Planters how he felt about his new identity.

ME: “You really don’t care if she calls you "peanut" (a name usually reserved for small, unimportant things) in front of everyone all the time?”

HIM: “Well, I wouldn’t say I like it…


And so I wondered… how many people go on letting their significant others nearly embarrass them in public without ever saying, “Don’t call me that unless it’s just us okay"?!?!?!

Because judging by the look on his face the next time she screamed the familiar epitaph...

I'd say that my assumption he wasn’t too keen on being babied publicly wasn’t nuts after all.


Vanessa said...

I'm not a fan of the schnookie wookems nicknames.. they make me want to hurl. They're better off reserved for your pomeranian puppy anyway.

I prefer to stick to the run of the mill nicknames: honey, sweetie, darling, babe. They work fine for me.

Vanessa said...

Me and my boo have 2 cats that we consider our kids, so we've given each other the nicknames of mama and dada. But thats as cutesy as the name calling gets in our family.

Chrissie said...

i've been "tiny" and "kitten" before... and occasionally "tiny kitten."

i'm a fan of "babe" when used somewhat infrequently...

but when people start doing the "puddle-butt-chocolate-man" type of thing i'm grossed out though...

you also called him "your boo" in your comment, which i think is cute.

sometimes pet names slip out when you don't even know;)