Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Public Name Petter

Peanut. Squid. Bubby.
These are just a few of the names I call C.

In public too.

I do it out of love. Love isn't a secret. A booty call is a secret. A frienefits is a secret.

I don't think love should be hidden or disguised or ignored.

Nope. Once you've found that man or woman who you know deserves your love, really and truly deserves it, you should tell the world. Remember this?

"Umm excuse me world. I just want to say, I love my peanut, I do."

The world certainly could use a lot more love and a lot less judging.

So if you are a public name petter, then you've done your job well. You've improved the world.

Next stop on the love train? Opera!

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