Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Those 3 little words

(This blog was written by a very single Chrissie in May of 2007. If you feel this post is about you, please click HERE).

Is there a right time to say I LOVE YOU to someone?

I've always been rather guarded with those words…

I've said it to 2 men and I waited to hear it from them first.

I remember getting an E-Card from my first boyfriend that said, "YOU, I LOVE," at the end of it and I almost puked.

Even in that out-of-order-way I knew what it meant.

The pressure was on.
Feel it or bolt.
Say it back, or ruin everything.

Years later, after 6 months of courtship and infatuation with boyfriend number two… I heard it again. Not the "You, I love," but something equally original.

It was like a secret, a quiet utterance of what we both knew.

"Psst... I love you, you know," he said

And I knew.
I had known for months but couldn't bring myself to change what we were.

Because those words bring a commitment not otherwise there.
Those words change e v e r y t h i n g in the blink of an eye.
And the expectations ensue.

I hate expectations.

Because until now they've a l w a y s seemed to end in disappointment.


Anonymous said...

So does Chrissie feel like there is love in her life now?

Chrissie said...

Maybe Chrissie just doesn't have expectations...