Thursday, December 27, 2007


WHAT I LEARNED: NYE is about doing something UNIQUE, not just champagne at midnight.
After spending nearly every Saturday night at Mahoney’s with my then roommate, we figured what better place to ring in the New Year? WRONG! By 11 p.m. I was wishing to be home in bed, the experience was so “last weekend” that I vow to greet 2008 surrounded by friends rather than “the regulars.”

WHAT I LEARNED: Valentine’s Day is for Lovers, not for EXES.
I received one gift, an “I LOVE YOU BEAR” from the Sunoco, from an EX. You can’t find new love if you’re still holding onto the old stuff.

WHAT I LEARNED: You CAN choose a McHottie and get him.
On St. Patrick’s Day I chose the hottest guy in the bar, made eye contact and vowed “If anyone is dancing with me, it’s THAT guy.” Sure, it amounted only to a few minutes of gyration and no number exchange, but it proved that you can get what you want, if even for a moment.

WHAT I LEARNED: April showers don’t bring “flowers” of any kind.
I should have trusted my instincts, I should have kept my phone number to myself. I should have listened to my own voice when I said, “He’s cute and everything, but he’s not smart enough for me.”

WHAT I LEARNED: You can’t expect anyone else to make your birthday special.
The big 2-5 came and went without a bang. (Did I mention how I was stood up at my own birthday dinner?!?!)!!?!?

WHAT I LEARNED: Roommates aren’t forever, but friendships can be.
If you want to maintain a friendship, you’ve got to know when to stop sharing a home. From dirty sinks, to mounting bills, I’m glad I escaped with my friend and my own new place.

WHAT I LEARNED: Living alone is GREAT, and lonely.
Coming home to a cable box instead of a living, breathing, entertaining friend is sometimes less than spectacular... but Tila Tequila helps.

WHAT I LEARNED: Hiking does not make you slim.
At least, it doesn’t when you follow your morning jaunt around Vanderbilt Mansion with a trip to the diner for pancakes.

WHAT I LEARNED: No matter how much you want something to work, that doesn’t mean it will.
After questioning and answering, forgiving and forgetting, some things are just wrong no matter how you wish to perceive them.

WHAT I LEARNED: You can find “him” in a bar.
The first argument between Sarah and I stemmed from her finding C. in a bar and my insistence that good guys don’t dwell there. I’ll admit, I was wrong. (However, I still believe that good guys, don’t work there;)

WHAT I LEARNED: That time I thought it was “it” it wasn’t.
Nothing can make your last relationship seem rockier than a smooth transition from “casual” to “committed.”


………. hey, there’s still a little time for this one.

What did '07 prove for you?

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