Friday, January 25, 2008

5 bucks, and late for work

All I wanted was a coffee (and a bagel, thick with cream cheese).

So I stopped, I waited, and I ordered my breakfast/lunch and then drove hastily to work.

Upon getting there and searching for my swipe card in my purse, I gently set my coffee on the roof of my car.

Curse the winter.
Curse the frost that hadn't had time to melt... but that instead had created a slippery slope for that medium-toasted-almond-cream-2-spenda coffee...

And with a whoosh.
32 ounces of delicious caffeine were on the ground (and all over my car).

I could have swore about.
I could have theatrically thrown the empty styrofoam cup about and cursed the day, the winter, early mornings and my job.
I could have made a big deal about a nasty situation.

But instead I picked up the empty cup, grabbed my lonely bagel and headed for my office.

Knowing that... while I didn't have coffee this morning.
I did have someone sweet and understanding to tell the story to.

And after years of keeping those little things in...
After stubbing my toes in lonely nights and not even crying out because I knew no one would hear me...

I don't have to stay quiet anymore.

So while it may just have been a cup of coffee...
This morning it was not only mixed with cream and a little sugar, but also with a realization sweet enough to satisfy my craving.


Sarah said...

C. arrives to work before me. he sends a "hello, how's your day" e-mail (always with a new twist) that makes incidents in the parking lot fade away. I'm happy you have a form of this in your life too.

*I know it's Friday but ZERO comments? Do we have to revert to men bashing????

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, i heard on the Gary Knoll radio program (out of NYC) all the terrible things caffeine does to the human body. Nothing new under the sun, but it was a healthy dose of healthy lifestyle info. And most recently, it has apparently been linked to pregnancy issues of all kinds.
So no big loss.
You probably saved some of your blood cells from going from Beavis mode to Cornholio mode anyway.

Anonymous said...

youre the kind of person who sticks to facebook 24/7 waiting for a comment to pop up on their wall... go breathe some fresh air...