Friday, January 18, 2008


People always have the same advice for a break up...

"Join a book club!"
"Get out of the house!"
"Eat a lot of chocolate!"

But I've found my own medicine for a swift recovery... and it wasn't necessarily Stoli Vanilla Vodka and Diet Coke (although that helped).

It was just letting myself feel it.

I stopped fighting back the tears, I stopped caring if my professors or co-workers saw me upset and I felt it.

I felt it outwardly by losing 15 pounds in a month.
I felt it internally each time I heard his name or looked at the apartment we'd shared that no longer had him it.

I couldn't "start a new hobby."
I couldn't "get out of the house."

So I just did what I knew best how to do, and I felt it.

3 years (and those 15lbs) later, I'm still not a knitter or a fabulous cook or talented photographer.

I'm just me.
Me minus him.

So if Sarah's sewing pillows and I'm marinading in my own misery... What do YOU do when you're all alone by choice, or by break up?

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