Friday, January 4, 2008

Are you interested?

Dating is a GAME.
It’s just that some people get paid for it.

Whether it’s Tila Tequila or Bret Michaels or the bachelor or that cowboy guy… reality TV celebs (or has-beens) claim to all be looking for love.

And the contestants on their shows have a similar claim…

Yet I tend to wonder about everyone’s sincerity when they’re all running around scantily clad, watching their “love” go on other dates, and in some cases acting like complete animals.

But, maybe this is called "Reality Television" for a reason...
Because we all know that real world dating can also resemble a game.

From the 3 Day Rule to those 3 little words people play the games that have worked in the past and hope that it works for them by securing a future.

But I think the difference between those seeking love at the bookstore or even the bar or those trying to find it on MTV boils down to their intentions…

Those people pining over Tila or New York or Bret are intent on finding something... but love it is not.

It’s notoriety.

They don’t want “the one” they want their 15 minutes.

So I guess it’s no surprise that these romances don’t usually last and we’re beginning to see sequels to many of our favorite shows.

I say, let Tila take a second shot at "love," but make sure that tequila comes with an extra grain of salt…

Because her intentions and the intentions of her 32 suitors has about as much to do with love as that nasty worm in the bottom of her shot glass.

What do YOU think? Are these people drunk with love or have they had one too many shots of desperation?


Vanessa said...

I think the majority of reality TV is made up of lazy 20-somethings whose only way to make a living is serving fries, so they get on TV, make an ass of themselves, and hope to get rich... and noticed of course.

The thing that sickens me is that high school kids and younger watch shows like "The Real World" and "The OC" that they believe they're supposed to act like those "characters" on TV. If you look at the generation just after us you'll see its rubbing off, and its sickening.

But in order to answer your question, the ONLY reason people go on TV is for fame and money. (In my opinion of course)

Chrissie said...

I tend to agree Vanessa... and I'm pretty sure most people would.

It's not the most conflict inspiring topic, but maybe someone out there thinks Tila is just a sweet girl looking for "the one."

As for those other shows and their audiences, I feel most sorry for the parents of the viewers.

It's got to be hard when your 16 year-old-daughter wants to be like Lauren Conrad from the Hills and spends her Friday night getting her hair and nails done while wearing a new 1,000 dollar dress...

When I was in high school, that was only on Prom night...