Monday, January 7, 2008

Aunt Bev

She's always been Aunt Bev, although there's nothing but love that bonds her to my family.

I think of her as my grandmother's sister and I never think of her ex-husband — my great uncle.

In this case, love IS thicker than blood.

It is a rare example. For most breakups mean giving HIM up as a whole.
— The restaurants he taught her to love.
— The bands he made her love to hate and eventually hate to love.
— The family he brought her into.
— The strangers that slowly became her companions.

Breakups mean sacrificing these things. They mean letting HIM go, so that she can GO ON.

Yet, sometimes there's a HER who is worth latching onto. Sometimes she becomes an auntie to a little girl or a best friend to an almost sister-in-law.

Some shouldn't turn into MRS. somebody else, but should be kept dear, as Aunt Bevs.


Do you have an "AUNT BEV" in your life? Or have you ever been an "AUNT BEV?"

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Sarah said...

I tried to hang out once with the ex's sister-in-law post-breakup, but she canceled on me just minutes before our Girls Night Out.

She said her husband and my ex were going out instead, and she had to babysit the kids. She and I had plans weeks in advance.

My ex used her to get at me, to hurt me.

So it was clear. I had to let her go too.

I miss her tho.