Monday, January 21, 2008

The blond blur

"You're just part of the blond blur that is my past."
-An Ex

Well this part of the blur has either confused him, or maybe his vision has finally cleared.

Because he is apparently finished with the blonds and fancies himself a brunette lover now.

But those things we had in common...
Those things that attracted him to all of us...
Where have they gone now?

I think an EX who too closely resembles you is a bad sign...
It points to a man who hasn't exactly finished what they started together.
It points to a man looking for a better version of "her" rather than a new woman for him.

But I think an EX who looks/acts/is NOTHING like you may be an even worse sign.

Because she's just evidence that he doesn't know what he wants after all.

Could he have been wrong all those years prior?
Could he have decided after you, that he had his own type all wrong?

Or could the blond blur that was his past just have his head spinning?

Where do your "preferences" go when you decide that your "type" changes and it's time to move on?

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I never gave up on my physical type (tan, dark-haired, handsome). But I did start prioritizing my other desires for the next HIM.

— "to be nice to me" was up there at the top.

So while C. may look a lot like A. (and I mean a lot, sometimes I freak out)... he's nothing like A. on the inside.