Monday, January 7, 2008

The book of love

You've broken up.

The connection is gone, future plans have been cancelled, and lives have been completely changed.

But while it may be hard to let go of the person you shared so much time with…
Sometimes it’s harder still to let go of the people you met along the way, whether its the EX's family or life-long friends.

But after a break up, these relationships too… must end.

Because you can’t get to the next chapter of your love life if you keep re-reading its previous pages... never arriving at the end.

You know, the end... where you're happy.
Where he's disappeared.

And the epilogue is all that matters.

What do YOU think?
Can you still remain friends with friends of your EX or should they too be part of the break up?

1 comment:

Vanessa said...

I'm not sure about how I feel about this one.

I do know that I have tried to maintain friendships with my bf's friends gf, then turned ex-gf, but like you say in your blog, they sever the friendship like it never existed, leaving me with one less gal pal... even though I believe we could have maintained a friendship like the ex bf never existed.

One of my best friends has also managed to have great friendships with some of her ex's female friends. They visit each other, go on lunch dates, and revel in each others happiness without needing the ex as a connection.

I personally dont have enough experience to say whether I would stay friends with an exs friends..

I have a hard enough time maintaining friendships with people I was friends with through high school and college.

But I guess it would be easier to cut those ties if the only time you saw those "friends" was when you were hanging out with your then bf.