Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Complimenting Chrissie

Receiving praise of any kind is sometimes hard to take.

But accepting compliments from new loves that mimic perfectly what past loves have divulged... is harder still.

For all those times that “You’re Perfect” turned into “You’re just not the one for me.”
For all those times that “You’re beautiful” turned into “I’m just not in love with you anymore.”

For all the times I waited for the other shoe to drop…

I was never disappointed.

Because the expectation for heartbreak was never in vain.


So if you must compliment me...
then compliment my new strengths.

Compliment my ability to forgive you for leaving me, before you’ve even left.
Compliment my lacking tears and my swift recovery.

Just don’t call me beautiful like he did.

Save that for our eulogy.


Sarah said...

compliment chrissie on her blog almost reaching 70,000 page views whoot whoot!

Anonymous said...

I understand how compliments are difficult to accept, but I wonder... how would you feel if those compliments never came? What if, instead of complimenting your smile or your hair or your dress, he said, "I really like your ability to forgive me for leaving you, even before I've left. That certainly will take away the guilt when and if the time comes. And years from now, if we are no longer together, I'll think of you and always remember your capacity for a swift recovery..."

I'm just messing with you, but still... are those the compliments you really want to hear? Or would a simple, "your eyes have been seducing me all night..." be enough to tweak the butterflies in your stomach?

Chrissie said...

this post wasn't meant to be taken literally.

obviously, no woman in her right mind would prefer those compliments over the more sweet and acceptable ones...

it's more a post about wishing we could accept the sweet ones without worry... without hesitation... and without wondering.