Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Doctors are not my pot of gold!

"Women are preprogrammed to feel dependent on men. Even today women may be richer and enjoy all the trappings of success but, deep down in their psyche, they fear they can't survive alone."

Where's his proof?
Here: "In a recent study, two American researchers presented women with photographs of men.
— The first group, described as doctors, wore designer ties, smart shirts and sported Rolex watches.
— The second wore plain shirts and Swatch watches and were described as teachers.
— The third group wore Burger King uniforms.
Women repeatedly picked doctors as potential boyfriends - even though many of the men in the third category were actually more handsome.
Quite simply, to women a man's looks are less important than earning power and social standing."

Sooooooo what he's saying is women are gold diggers.

But what he really proved is that his brain is shaped like a cone.

Women picked doctors for these two key qualities.
1) intelligence
2) hardworking

case I: husband tells wife about a lifesaving procedure he performed on a patient
case II: boyfriend tells girlfriend about the new Angus burger he had for lunch at work.

It is quite that simple.

Now I have an experiment of my own. A collection of ladies opinions.

Dr. Neave is a ___________________ . You fill in the blank.


Chrissie said...

(i'll keep it PG)

The doctor is a dimwit.

Anonymous said...

The doctor is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Is correct.

Jared said...

It's evolution: women are compelled to ensure the best chance of survival for their offspring. That chance is increased if there are two parents to feed the child and protect it from sabre-tooth tigers, etc. If the father is wealthy and powerful, the probability of survival goes up even more.

Sarah said...

And it's extinct.

Jared said...

Some vestiges don't go away so easily though.

Vanessa said...

I myself probably would have picked the "teacher". The men that flash their $ seem to have huge egos and little... well you know.

Besides doctors work long annoying hours and they're always on call.

My teacher would be home for dinner and have summers off to spend with our kids. #2 is the most logical choice to me.

No woman in their right mind would choose the fast food service worker. It says they lack drive, ambition and self respect.

Flipping burgers is fine when your in high school. But everyone needs to grow up sometime.

RENAY said...

It's unfortunate, but I think in some cases Neave is right. I see so many women go nuts over a label job instead of the man. Some hear doctor and think financial security and social prestige. I would choose the teacher over the doctor in a heartbeat. (Sorry Burger King Guy, I like McDonalds). When I hear doctor, I see someone who will never be around, and no matter how much money you have, or how hot you look in your paper hat – at this point in my life, time is the most important thing to me.

Anonymous said...

it's difficult to argue with the evolution argument (if you subscribe to that sort of survival-of-the-fittest theory).

but some of this is just arguing over semantics. the two statements:

"Quite simply, to women a man's looks are less important than earning power and social standing,"


"Women picked doctors for these two key qualities. (1) intelligence, and (2) hardworking,"

both say the same thing.

so you agree with dr neave, sarah... just on your own "terms".

Sarah said...

pt. 1
Does earning power = intelligence? because certainty that's not always the case. If you are attracted to someone for being an egghead, you AREN'T thinking about what's in his wallet. That's what I'm saying.

pt. 2
Think of all the people who inherit "social status" without working hard for it.

Like Renay and Vanessa, I chose from the middle group — the construction worker. Because he's funny, he's easy to talk to, he's very handsome and I love him.

Not because I NEED a man's $ or his social standing.

I'm glad everyone got into this argument!

madge said...

you ARE agreeing with the dr neave. you just want it to sound prettier.

i think women are drawn to the "doctors" because it's the human condition, for all genders, to want to grab the brass ring, to achieve a better life, and a doctor represents the sort of career that makes for a comfortable existence, social standing, shows that a person cares about humanity and has ambition.

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