Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't equate me MISTER!

circumference around


Sarah said...

My article on the application process at Social Services sparked this whole issue of being misunderstood.

here's the link if you are interested.

madelena said...

Yeah, I got denied from Medicaid also. If we were homeless crack-heads on the street, then we wouldn't have a problem.
We'd have free health insurance!

Productive members of society = no health insurance.

People that don't work, and do nothing but suck off the government = health insurance.

I've ranted about this topic so many times that it's ridiculous.

Apparently, if you make at least $800.00 a month, then you should be able to afford health insurance.
So $200.00 a week should allow me a car, food, an apartment, and health insurance.
Right New York.... right.

Sarah said...

Oh thank the lord for you Madelena. I was thinking that I must be crazy for writing about my Medicaid experience.

The claws came out against me, as if I spent my meager paychecks on iTunes! Right! I spend my $ on my rent, car insurance, gas, groceries and grad. school tuition. Now I can add: Medical doctors.

I am low middle class. Able to live. Unable to save. Thanks New York. This is what I wanted out of life. To sit at Social Services.

Chrissie said...

this is an interesting conversation to be involved in, and it could get ugly...

but i have to say this:

that if this post is about being unfairly judged...

then aren't the comments that have followed it blatant hypocrisy?

not everyone who receives government aid is a "crack head" or unemployed.

just like not every 20-something spends their weekends at the bar and wastes their money on music and booze.

if we're going to complain about being stereotyped, then it helps our argument NOT to do it to other people while we try to illustrate our point.

Sarah said...

Chrissie, I totally understand what Madelena was saying.

The system is backwards. It doesn't help the working poor. It helps the unworking poor.

her statement: "If we were homeless crackheads on the street... we'd have free health insurance" IS 100 percent TRUE.

She didn't say everyone who gets govt aid is a crack head.

Zirbel25 said...

Excuse me, I resent the comment that you made about 20-somethings spending their weekends at the bar and all of their money on music and booze. I spend my weekends as well as a week night or two at the bar, and I also spend my money on clothes and shoes too! Here's to crackheads taking my tax money!!! :P

Chrissie said...

i hope you don't resent my comment because i wasn't saying anything bad about going to the bar or buying clothes, just simply stating that it's a stereotype for all 20-somethings.

so shop on, drink on, to each his own.

Chrissie said...

And Sarah, you're right, Madelena didn't say "everyone" and so I'm sorry... I guess I was just looking to start a fight;)

Zirbel25 said...

I was being sarcastic silly.... I fit the stereotype just fine... and I am proud of it! Now is the time to spend money and time on what YOU want. You are allowed to be selfish at this age before you have kids and need to dedicate yourself to them. So why not enjoy it? I find nothing wrong with being selfish.

Sarah said...

I can always count on you to make me laugh! and get me out to the bar! :0