Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Fan

Anonymous said...
"Chrissie and Sarah:
Do you really think you've met enough people in your life to make that many assumptions about one person who wouldn't fit in at Mahoney's? I mean, what are you like 4 years out of college if that? Think campus life represented such a diverse cross section of life that you know everything about a person just by looking at them? I don't know, your comments sound rather shallow. I bet you date, at least one of you, someone who looks good in a white baseball cap and a flipped up polo. Well, guess what, almost everyone does and if that represents your taste in men then I find that fairly mediocre and you more than a little boring. You might benefit as a human being by quitting your thankless, underpaid, job and do something a little more adventurous with your life because you obviously haven't experienced enough or met enough people. There's a lot of wonderful people out there, which I don't doubt you could agree, and there not all trying to figure a way to get in your pants. That was college."

SO! This person made A LOT of ASSUMPTIONS about Sarah and I based on the fact that he/she thought it was WRONG that we made ASSUMPTIONS about people. (Keep in mind, this particular comment was on an entry about THE PICK UP ARTIST... so serious!)!!!

And although I know that this person is not worth my time, his/her myriad assumptions about me have gotten me riled up.

I've wondered if this blog makes me seem shallow and ordinary, I wonder if it makes me seem like a girl who's only out to have fun and doesn't really think about anything.

So this anonymous comment has me somewhat worried... because that is not the person I am.

I don't date the "popped collar polo guys."

My last boyfriend wore black jeans, had an afro, and thought anything "ordinary" was more or less repulsive.

I liked him because he was extraordinary, not the other.

And I like to think that he liked me, and dated me for 3 years, because I didn't fit into that perfect little world where mommy and daddy pay for everything and the little blonde girl gets everything handed to her.

This anonymous commentator also assumed that we lived in a perpetual "college" world... where men were jocks and we were hoes.

I never lived on campus.
I never dated a jock.
I never once went to a "kegger."

College to me was a juggling act between working full time, taking 19 credits, and graduating with a high GPA.

So it tickles me to think that someone can be SO WRONG because of a BLOG that is supposed to be about dating and ridiculousness.

It's not a blog about politics and women's rights and "news worthy" conversation.
It's a distraction... it's supposed to be FUN.

But I just hope that people don't start to think the same about me.

Because although I love to be distracted (and fun) I am more than that.

I'm me.


Sarah said...

It's one thing to make comments. It's another to use anonymity to bully.

Would you write hurtful things if your identity was attached to your word blows?

If your words could follow you around in life? Come up during a job interview? Be read by your parents? Be grounds to be fired by your employer?


But everything we do makes us accountable. To you. To our friends. To our family. To our boss.

Frankly, this blog is a lot of pressure for something that's supposedly "FUN."

We could stop doing it. Sometimes I think that's the only way to stop being misunderstood. To be silent.

Zirbel25 said...

Sarah I just read your article and the comments posted on it and I see you were attacked on there. But you know what, the people who were writing stuff seemed to have a lot of knowledge of your blog posts. So that means they are reading it! They may not like it, but they are clearly addicted! So you guys win! I often read all the comments posted online with news articles and there are many people who live to just bash the journal and writers. Honestly, they post comments correcting grammar and nonsense like that. So who really needs to get a part time job? Don't sweat this garbage.

Sarah said...

hehe, I can always count on you to make me laugh!

Jared said...

Chrissie just admit that you are Paris Hilton/Lauren Conrad and drive daddy's benz to the poughkeepsie journal and we can move on.

Chrissie said...

and if by "Benz" you mean Chevy, you're correct!

TGMax said...

>> My last boyfriend wore black jeans
>> had an afro, and thought anything
>> "ordinary" was more or less
>> repulsive.

To be fair, you did aid the man greatly in his ability to dress beyond "TJ Maxx Goth."