Wednesday, January 23, 2008

fighting for love

This is how I deal with quarrels, controversy, strife, run-ins, falling-outs...


I hang up.
OR I flea.

I suffer from ATMitits. Many withdraws!

This is how C. deals with me:

He persists.
He chases.
He redials.

He makes me feel cornered, suffocated and explosive.
Until I listen.
Because C.'s words are beautiful.

They are filled with love and compliments and promises.
They have the sincerity of a priest and the love of a guardian.

He says I always win.
But against his expressiveness, I am powerless.

His words pull me out of my dark hiding place.

They never dilute.

The best is I have no worries that maybe next time, he won't try so hard, or he'll give up all together.


Do you fight like C. or me?


Anonymous said...

Definitely like you, Sarah. My boyfriend gets so frustrated and cannot stand the "hanging-ups," or that fact that I'll walk out of the room during an argument ... But I sometimes feel like I just won't be able to put my feelings into words, even though I know hanging up or leaving aren't the solution to an argument.

Chrissie said...

i'm the one that follows other people around, trying to get them to open up (and to get my point across).

i'd like to think i've gotten better at arguing though... i may leave the room but only for a moment to compose my thoughts before i explode and say something i'll regret.