Friday, January 25, 2008

a musical antidote for a miserable day

I'm listening to radio espanol, compliments of iTunes. I couldn't be farther away from here.

I'm having breakfast at a hotel café in Puerrrto Rrrrico. plantains and la taza de Alto Grande.

It's just myself and the bartender. His brown hand polishes pint glasses with a newly bleached towel. He catches my eyes for a second that has been frozen.

I smiled shyly, then glaze back out onto the street, to daydream.

It's not an expensive cafe. I can just catch a glimpse of the spiraling waves and the surreal color of the water from my seat. That's all I need.

Cluttered on the mosaic table are brochures of endless possibilities. Night swimming in a sea of diamonds, maybe a salsa lessons with a stranger in a linen suit, or a stroll down a cobblestone street, a dip in an infinity-edged pool, a taxi ride downtown to the colorful market...

I leave my pesos on the table and call out "Gracias! Adios!" to the bartender.

I tingle when the warmth kisses the hairs on my arms, my neck, my face.

Que bonito dia!

oh how i love this memory and the music that brings me there.

where will your music take you today?


Sarah said...

i think monday i'll travel to Tuscany, buy a fix'er'up'er, fall in love with a sexy accent with a pair of biceps, buy a white dress, then celebrate a newborn, a wedding and a true love.

Gman said...

My sunrise music comes from KRVS-FM ( from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Hoppin' Cajun and zydeco tunage! A sugary beignet and some New Orleans coffee with chicory.

Then diving into exciting things like telecom traffic engineering studies.