Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Yorkers have less sex but more kink

At least that's what this FORBES article says!

This AM, I surfed to see what the Web has to say about weather sparking up romances. My forewisdom was that this unseasonably warm week may heat up desires for spring flings prematurely.

But what I found out was that geography may have more to do with sex than the rise of mercury.

Denver, Seattle, Washington D.C., Salt Lake City, San Antonio and Cincinnati placed the highest on the list of America's most lustful cities based on a per-capita index of over-the-counter contraceptive purchases.

New York had average or below average indexes.

But New Yorkers made the top of another kind of list. They visited the Babeland Web site more than any other state's residents from Jan. to Nov last year.


Maybe there's a direct correlation between the two lists. Buying one, but not the other.. Ok. I'll stop there.

Do you think New York deserves to be on the lustful cities list? Is it a good place for romance? Or are you packing up and heading to the mile high city?


Vanessa said...

I think it depends on which parts of ny you're speaking of. I can certainly see why NYC and other metropolis areas may be considered less than lustful. Everything is fast paced, go go go, everyone trying to get ahead and come up with the next big thing before everyone else. After the daily grind I'd say a lot of people are too burnt out to be lustful. Once you get upstate in the adironacks and catskills life's a little slower, people are outside enjoying themselves and the mountain views, and it makes it all a little easier to show some love. I think smog and pollution tend to damper the love bug a little bit.

Sarah said...

What about the no. of singles in NYC and the dating/night scene? You'd think w/ all those people, certainly there would be reason not to come knock'en.

I'm from the sticks in upstate NY. And there really wasn't a lot to do. So I can see what you are saying (tho I'm personally not admitting to anything, so don't get the wrong idea ;-)

But then again, there wasn't a lot of opt. for romantic dates either. You can only go to Bobby Joe's Smokehouse X amount of times before that flame gets put out!