Friday, January 11, 2008

Read between the SIGNS

A not-so-quick look into the email archives brings me back, oh, 5 years or so... Back to a time when I wish I had already crafted the skill of "reading between the lines."


"i'm well aware of the risks of romance and i enjoy the hell outta your company. a little heartache down the line is a small price to pay for that feeling i get when i stare at you all creepy for too long. yeah... ur awesome.... (and who knows i could be the one to run amuck ..... just cuz im a cancer doesn't mean im not a guy... we wanna do everybody... eat that Twin!)"

risks of romance? heartache? price to pay?

I thought we were discussing ASTROLOGY but apparently I should have read between the lines to uncover the REAL SIGNS he was giving me.

Maybe if I had, then I could have avoided the emails that eventually came a few years later...

You know, the ones that included "I LOVE YOUS" and of course those links for information on "POLYAMOROUS LIFESTYLES."

Make me feel better about my poor judgment and share the SIGNS you ignored when you shouldn't have.


Sarah said...

You can't see the signs & you can't think rationally when you like a guy a lot.

Gman said...

Well, uh, when we first started dating my first wife said "Basically, I hate men."

Guess she meant me, too. Oops.