Friday, January 11, 2008

Signs he'll turn yOu UpSiDE DowN

1. He's not your type, if your type has never panned out well for you.
2. He's really into you, and naturally, really nervous in the beginning.
3. He wants to get to know you, not just your underwear collection.
4. His last girlfriend broke up with him for being too nice.
5. He wants his family and friends to love you.
6. He tells you what's really on his mind.
7. He isn't afraid to see you cry... or find out why.
8. You call him first when you need someone to talk to.
9. You can dissolve a day's stress just by being in his arms.
10. Finally, your best friend approves.

(How did you know HE was a good guy?)


Sarah said...

11. When you asked him if he'll miss you during your girls only weekend, he said: "I miss you when you go to the bathroom."

C. is so cute! Isn't he ladies???

Chrissie said...

12. He goes on vacation for a week, only to come back and say, "We are never enduring THAT again.

13. He wants to meet your family.

14. He brings your little sister souvenirs from the above vacation.

15. He's not as tall as the guys you usually date, but instead of making him change, you start wearing flats.


(that text heart was for you sarah;)

Vanessa said...

uh huh. Oh Chrissie- thought you said you could never be attracted to short guys?? hmmm...

Oh, and #16. He isnt afraid to talk baby talk to the cat when friends are around.

Anonymous said...

Yes Vanessa...or buy the dog new toys whenever he goes shopping!!