Monday, January 14, 2008

Why I’ve fallen in love

with LUST.

While it may be difficult for me to fall in love with a man…
Falling in love with LUST has always been a little easier.

It may not be “forever.”
It may not be about finding “the one.”
And it may not ever be more than hot, sweaty sheets and tangled limbs…

But I think LUST is my one true soul-mate, for a few reasons.

1. LUST allows us to ignore the little things like the fact he has a fascination with GI JOE, because we’re too wrapped up in his own pectoral muscles to even notice.

2. LUST comes with little butterflies, while LOVE comes with other rumblings in your stomach... (like being aware of him passing gas due to indigestion).

3. LUST means forgetting your to-do list and staying in bed all day, while LOVE means getting groceries together and arguing about all the things he added to your shopping list.

From lust to love…
From obsession to possession…

It’s too bad we need to give up one to get the other... and that no matter how hard we try, the beginning of “love” means mourning the loss of “lust.”

What do YOU think, is it better to be in lust or love?


vanessa said...

While the feelings of lust are utterly fantastic there's something to be said for love.

I think love outweighs lust for the simple fact that love can be everlasting. Love is there when you actually know the person for them, and love them anyway.

Love may not be glamourous, but neither are we in all our glory, especially when we first wake up in the morning.

It's a great feeling to know that you dont have to run and apply mascara and lipgloss and brush your teeth before he wakes up, because you know he loves you anyway... and sometimes you just want to sleep in.

Chrissie said...

ahhh yes... there is something to be said for skipping the mascara from time to time.

i only wish that there was a way to have both, and then have THAT be everlasting;)