Monday, February 18, 2008

10 points and counting...

Either my luck has run out, or I'm just not as cute as I used to be.

I'd say I've been pulled over, about 10 times.

Plenty of check points, a few breathalyzers, numerous "expired inspection" situations, and the occasional issue of speeding.

I got out of a 55 in a 40 and no inspection with a "warning."
I got out of that same no inspection 3 more times with more warnings before finally getting a ticket.
I got out of ANOTHER no inspection by smiling and saying "I can't afford to fix the windshield."

And then something changed.
Maybe it was the 8 lb weight gain, maybe it was hitting my "mid-20s" instead of my early ones, or maybe I'm just not as friendly as I used to be.

Because the last two encounters I've had with police ended with a lot less flirting and a lot more tickets.

2 to be exact.
Worth a whopping 10 points on my as-of-today pristine driving record.

And while I think I've handled all the situations in the same way, with poise and respect, the outcome seems highly unpredictable.

And so I'm just not sure of my defense for tomorrow's court date...
And perhaps more importantly... what I should wear.


Sarah said...

I have this same problem, only with getting into bars.

As I get older and my outfits get less "WOA CLEAVAGE" I get stopped, questioned and yes, even turned down (St. Pat's Day 2007).

Face it Chrissie, weren't not cute college fresh meat, I mean freshman anymore.

Chrissie said...

oh! well i don't have that problem, i'm not only less cute but i look "old" too!

the new man still talks about how he can't "believe how young i am."

i'm beginning to take it as less of a compliment:P

Anonymous said...

Good you deserve it cops bust me if they catch me doing something wrong you deserve the same I dont care how cute you look. It's called corruption its not just an Im sick of it... Equal rights babe you want um you got um.

An well cops are just corrupt sons of cops who got off the same way when they were younger. So they kept a clean record so they could become corrupt cops.