Monday, February 11, 2008

Don't Romance Me!

I hATe THat RoMaNCe hAs a SPecific DAte.
i HAte tHat RoMAnce haS a ColOr aNd A shaPE.
ANd ThaT EVeRyone ceLebRAtes oN tHe sAme DAy
for hOW DaRe thEy sTrAy!

To mE iT fEEls lIke rOManTic rApE.

I HAte tHAt MeN tHInk rOMance cOMes In A HEart-ShaPed bOx
Or CaN bE wRAppEd iN PInk ceLLopHane.
THat wOMen dREss In TrAShy LInGerie
sWIrl sTRawbERRies. sIp cHaMPagNe.
AnD aCt LIKe tHey aRe oN a lOVe CaMpaIgn

LeT'S nOt WinE aNd DinE tHis YEar
fLoWErs wIll nOt CaUse TeAr ShoWerS
INstEAd, lEt'S aVoiD tHe bED.
U pIcK tHe DAy, aNd We'LL iNvEnT OuR oWN wAY.
GReEt Me WIth a SpECial tREaT.
A kISs tO mAke mE sWEll
sOMeTHing THat No OnE wiLL eVer rEpEaT!

*** Is Valentine's Day Romantic? ***


Sarah said...

(i know. my poetry belongs on yellow construction paper.)

stay w/ me!

i was thinking about romance. how many times have i personally felt romance? Lies aside — not many. less than i've felt love. my mom, brothers, & friends love me. but only my boyfriend(s) can make (help?) me feel romance.

then i thought, have i set a higher standard for romance than need be? — is sexual excitment romance? — is laughter romance? — is love romance?

i am totally lost.

Anonymous said...

i don't think you've set a higher standard than need be at all. that's the beauty of romance, it's something that exceeds your standards. that is what makes it so special. and that is what makes valentine's day such a turn off, at least to me.
the most romantic moments i have ever experienced were things i never expected, not things that happened on a day when you come home from work and expect a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates from CVS.and there is little more frustrating than valentine's day falling on a day when you and your man are having a rough spot or are on the verge of breaking up. you force the "romance" because hallmark says you should and that alone is enough to make you a little bitter.

i say let romance come when it does naturally and appreciate the person you love everyday, not just on the day when your calendar says you should.

Sarah said...

it's both amazing and confusing to me that romance is completely spontaneous.

vanessa said...

I suppose the "idea" of Valentine's Day is romantic. But the actual marketed day is just another way for people to make money. I used to work for a florist and they mark up the price of roses about 20% for the week prior until after V-day. ridiculous.

My bf and I traditionally buy each other a mushy card and a small gift.. then go out to dinner.

This year we're just going to stay home and do what we do every other night... dinner at home & watch jeopardy and wheel of fortune snuggling on the couch. Except this year he wants a video game for V-day...