Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Get on your knees ladies!

"In a Leap year there is that famous one day every four years when the calendar indicates that there is a 29th of February. The tradition which allows a woman to propose marriage to a man is observed in most cultures and if you are raring to ask your man to marry then this is the best time to ask those words."

Sarah, I think this little tradition seems very timely for you and your current "situation."

You could simply put the ring on C's finger and live happily ever after.

Although perhaps the fairytale isn't as sweet if the "PoJo Princess" rides in on her MacBook Pro and asks her Knight in a Shining Polo for his hand in marriage via her very public blog.

Either way, February 29th marks a moment in time where the traditional rules can be thrown out the window and women can finally be in charge of their futures and the fate of their happily ever after-all.

Judging by the looks of things recently, we've got a start on equal pay and we may even be ready for a woman president...

But are we prepared for such an unconventional twist on the typical marriage proposal?


Jared said...

I "propose" that we continue with the current system as women often have terrible reasons for wanting to get married on a shortened timetable.

Chrissie said...

Such a comment warrants further speculation:

I "propose" that you list these reasons for us Jared:)

Jared said...

-all her friends are getting married
-can't wait for her "dream wedding"
-anxiety about getting older
-anxiety about "biological clock"
-anxiety about relationship security
-anxiety about the thought of being single in her 30s
-tired of people asking her when he's going to pop the question
-tired of uncertainty about the future
-tired of her mother's voice
-life plan she laid out when she was 14 years old suddenly starting to crumble

How many did I forget?

Chrissie said...

! HA ! Thanks... that helped put things in perspective for me.

And I agree (even as a woman) that most of your points are valid.

Although there is ONE that I think holds a little bit of merit: The biological clock thing.

If a woman REALLY wants children one day, that could DEFINITELY influence her choice about when to get married.

A man, who can procreate basically until he's on his deathbed can't really relate to the feelings of a woman who knows that as each year passes... her time is running out.

Again, I am not one of these women. For me, kids are cute and all... but I'm not one to plan my entire happiness around having them or not.

Anonymous said...

i "propose" a new title for this blog... one not so susceptible to the double entendre.

dirty dirty mind...

Chrissie said...

... whatever do you mean?!?!

Jared said...

OK, but how old should you be before it's a valid concern?

I'm asking honestly, because like most men I'm somewhat mystified by the complexity of the female body.

vanessa said...

Jared thats the scary thing. Women never really know when their time to procreate is up. My Aunt had to have a hysterectomy at 35 and she was VERY depressed for a long while. Its a very sad thing whne your dreams of having a family of your own are cut short o things you can control. Some women get through menopause in their late 30's while others dont come into it until their 50s. So I'd say any women approaching their 30s would have a valid reason for feeling anxious.

vanessa said...

I've often said that if my boo waits too long then I'd have to propose to him at a Yankees game or something. We've already talked about our future, so I know its in the cards. But he's the shy and nervous type when it comes to feelings and I think he just doesn't know how to do it, and I also think he's getting up the nerve waiting for the "perfect" moment.

Chrissie said...

According to some website...
"From about the age of forty, ovaries become less responsive to estrogen, fertilized eggs give rise to embryos with more chromosomal abnormalities, and menstrual cycles become increasingly irregular, ceasing by an average age of fifty-one."

So, like Vanessa said... by 30 it's a "valid concern" of some mom-wannabes.

The other thing is that as a woman ages, even though she can still GET pregnant, there are more complications with pregnancies in women over 35... the baby has a higher risk for some diseases and the actual birth is likely to have more consequences for the mother.

So while "35" is young... it is definitely a time when women start thinking... "It's getting to be kinda late in the game..."

Anonymous said...

i agree with jared.
however, as a woman, i didn't want to get married for any of those reasons...i just wanted to shut my family up and make them happy.

i learned my lesson the hard way about having a wedding for the wrong reasons. my man and i would have been better off at the DC courthouse.

the reasons jared mentions all seem to be "legitimate" concerns to SOME women [i'll go with the biological clock one, though, as valid...there are some real medical risks with having kids at an older age]...the rest?
hey, if beind a bride matters that much...screw leap-year, head off to the mall, get a ring and take matters into your own hands any day of the year.

if something is so important to you...go for it!